New homes scheme for Hillington

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West Norfolk planners are being asked to approved proposals for 47 new homes to be build on a parcel of land south of 22 Lynn Road, Hillington.

It is an outline application for a site that is currently in agricultural use and includes several farm storage buildings.

The applicant, the Bespoke Estate Group, proposes to build 37 affordable/social housing homes to be managed by Zarah Housing, and ten self-build plots.

Hillington – Village Sign. (58199932)

The site previously had permission refused for 36 market dwellings and the applicant states, in the application, that this is being amended due to a justified need for affordable housing and for these to be nearby the local hospice.

This application is amending this to 47 affordable dwellings and self-build plots with identified providers. This is due to a justified need of affordable housing, and a demonstrable need for these to be nearby the local hospice which is immediately south of the site. It also states that the Sandringham estate has indicated a need for affordable homes.

The affordable homes would be a mix of rental and shared ownership and there would be self-build plots to the east of the site. The proposals also include 71 car parking spaces.