Improves gut health, aids digestion: Why ghee coffee can be your perfect morning brew

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Starting your day right can make all the difference in your health or weight loss journey. And while most people cutting down on fats is the key, experts opine that healthy fats should very much be a part of your everyday diet. In fact, recently actress Bhumi Pednekar shared a snap on Instagram, which featured a cuppa of her morning ghee coffee. “Ghee Coffee #FatFirst,” she wrote alongside it, which made many wonder about the benefits and upsides of adding ghee to coffee. This also reminded some people of the bulletproof coffee or keto coffee, which had gained traction during the pandemic for its health benefits. We asked nutritionists to decode this latest fad!
‘It can work wonders for your gut health’
One of the many benefits of adding a dollop of ghee to your coffee is that you’ll start your day by coating your gut in healthy fat. “Starting your day with ghee coffee can be really beneficial because there will be a slow release of insulin whenever you eat anything after that. People with diabetes or metabolic issues can benefit more from it,” shares Karishma Shah, Integrative Nutritionist.

Talking further about the benefits, she adds that adding ghee or butter can also help counter the side effects of caffeine. “Coffee or caffeine can give some people jitters or make them anxious. So, the best solution to this is to add a little amount of fat to it. And especially for women, ghee coffee can help regulate the hormones,” she adds.
‘Improve your digestion with this beverage’
Ghee has been known to improve digestion and boost energy. Dietician Neha Singh shares, “Ghee coffee, despite its fat content, actually aids weight loss by improving your digestion and helping to cut down the fat already stored in your body. Ghee also makes coffee safe for people with lactose intolerance. However, if you’re extremely sensitive to dairy, consult a dietician once before consuming it.”

Since digestion of fat is a slow process, drinking this high-fat caffeinated beverage early in the day means you’ll stay satiated for a longer duration. “You will not feel any unnecessary hunger pangs and overeat,” Singh adds.

‘Ghee coffee is best consumed on an empty stomach’

Starting your day with some amount of fat and protein is ideal, especially if you wish to improve your metabolism. “Ghee or bulletproof coffee is best consumed on an empty stomach, so adding to the morning routine is advisable. It can also become a great fuel prior to a workout. However, not more than two cups should be consumed per day and definitely not after 5 PM as it interferes with your sleep pattern,” says Karishma. As for the amount of ghee advisable to add, she guides that 2 tbsp per day is good enough for your health. “Restricting your diet of fats is not a good option. Instead, gain understanding of which fats are healthy and add them to your morning routine,” she adds.

While ghee coffee has several health benefits, for people who are vegan or simply apprehensive of the taste and smell of adding ghee to coffee, she suggests, “Full fat coconut milk or coconut cream, and even almond milk can be added to your caffeinated drink.”

How to brew your cuppa of ghee coffee:

  • Brew your regular coffee at low temperature for a minute (adding milk is optional)
  • Add 1 tsp ghee to it and let the concoction stir for a minute
  • Turning the flame off, add your choice of sweetener (jaggery/honey/sugar) and mix well
  • Serve the beverage hot

Other interesting coffee fads to lookout for

  • Vietnamese egg coffee traditionally prepared from egg yolk, sugar, coffee and condensed milk
  • Matcha latte made by mixing matcha powder (made from green tea leaves), water/milk, and a sweetener
  • Citrus coffee prepared by mixing lemon or orange zest or slices, coffee and cinnamon powder
  • Snapchilled coffee, when a hot, piping coffee is chilled immediately
  • Plant-based coffees prepared from non-dairy milk like almond, soy, oat or coconut
  • Turmeric latte made by blending turmeric, milk, sweetener, cinnamon, and coffee