Legislation to help combat Jacksonville’s housing crisis beginning committee process

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville City Councilman Rory Diamond has announced legislation to help combat the city’s housing crisis.

Diamond — along with council members Michael Boylan, Garrett Dennis, Reggie Gaffney and Randy White — introduced the “Keep Our Families Together” Act.

Diamond said in a news release Monday that the legislation would allow accessory dwelling units — which means up to 100,000 new housing units in Jacksonville could be constructed to relieve pressure related to inflation and the housing crisis. Under the legislation, in most cases, Jacksonville families would be allowed to construct separate, small structures on their properties containing fully habitable or rentable housing units.

“Accessory dwelling units are the strongest and most immediate way to address our affordable housing crisis and to keep our families together,” Diamond said.

Sulzbacher Center CEO and President Cindy Funkhauser agrees.

“Accessory Dwelling Units are being used in many cities across the U.S. as one tool in addressing the housing crisis that we are facing as a country. I am so excited that Jacksonville in this among other new ideas to address our severe shortage of housing units,” Funkhauser said.

The act was introduced before the Jacksonville City Council on June 14, will begin the committee process this week and is set to be voted on next week.