Bitcoin miners 'incentivize' renewable energy producers to invest in development: Marathon CEO


Automakers scramble to decode new U.S. EV tax credits

U.S. automakers and dealers are scrambling to figure out if they can still offer $7,500 tax credits to would-be buyers of electric vehicles (EVs), as Congress prepares for final votes today on a bill that includes a top-to-bottom overhaul of Washington’s clean vehicle policies. Under the $430 billion climate, health care and tax bill that the House of Representatives is set to vote on Friday, rules governing the current $7,500 EV tax credit aimed at persuading consumers to buy the vehicles would be replaced by incentives designed to bring more battery and EV manufacturing into the United States. Manufacturers, dealers and consumers do not have answers to many basic questions about how the new rules will affect the way clean vehicles aimed at consumers – including fully electric and hybrid models – will be bought, sold and built, automakers, consultants and lobbyists said.

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