Energy, alternative energy stocks are still promising [Video]

Lack of direction is what investors will be suffering until we see clearer signs of inflation abating. And that will take time, as we must see a couple of encouraging data points to call the central banks’ inflation fight successful.

The lack of clear direction is driving the markets up and down, and big bank analyst have very diverging opinions regarding where the stocks are headed next. One thing is clear, opportunities never disappear and picking the right sectors and right stocks lead to sustainable portfolio returns. Among interesting sectors, traditional and alternative energy stocks stand out. Swissquote proposes two promising alternative energy theme portfolios.

In the FX, the dollar index rebounded, and the stronger greenback sent the EURUSD below the 1.0150 mark. The dollar-CAD is, on the other hand, swinging between the Canadian dollar bulls’ hope of seeing a recovery in oil prices, and the persistently strong US dollar. Canada will reveal its latest inflation data today. A soft-enough read could soften the Bank of Canada (BoC) hawks, but a single month easing in inflation won’t mean that the BoC would weaken its policy stance when inflation remains near multi-decade peak. 

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