City of Utica looking to invest in the Val Bialas area

The City of Utica is looking to invest in the Val Bialas area of the city.

Utica Mayor Robert Palmieri is considering plans to re-open the ski center in South Utica. Right now, the city is looking into the cost of snowmaking equipment as well as the possible return on investment.

The idea is just in the research stages, but there is money available through the American Rescue Plan Act that can be used for these types of projects.

The city is also interested in building an amphitheater, possibly at the top of the ski chalet.

“It may not be at this point that we go with snow making because it may not be feasible, but I will tell you we will be utilizing an amphitheater, we’ll be looking at a skate park, skating area, ice skating and other activities,” said Mayor Palmieri. “We’re going to be utilizing that park so it can be utilized 12 months a year, not just for 4 months out of the year.”

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