Mom Praised For Flying 'Entitled' Son in Economy And The Nanny First Class

The internet has sided with a mom who let her “entitled” son fly economy after he complained about her paying first-class tickets for the nanny and her son.

In a post shared on Reddit on Wednesday, the mom, who goes by the username u/TAMommaof3, explained that she and her husband had their now 18-year-old child when they were 17, and since then they’ve worked their way up to a life of luxuries.

When her son, Matt, was 11, he had a “complicated personality change”, so they moved him to a private school, and according to the post, “maybe the contact with other teenagers brought out a selfish and elitist side of him.”

The family recently went on an international holiday with Matt and their other two children and decided to take their nanny and her son with them, paying for first-class tickets for everyone, but Matt wasn’t happy about their parent’s decision.

She wrote: “Matt, on a random day, overheard me talking to my husband that I was planning to pay for a first-class seat for May and her son for her to enjoy like we did.

“He asked why we should do this, we were already paying for everything, let her go economy class if she can’t afford first class.

“He stood his ground, so I said if he sees it that way, I said I’d buy him an economy seat and he’d have to turn around to pay for an upgrade for him to see how privileged he is to have parents who can pay. He nodded, thinking it was a joke even though I said it wasn’t.”

Her son didn’t believe she would actually buy him an economy seat and was caught by surprise at the airport when he learn his ticket was in economy class, throwing a tantrum in the middle of the airport.

She added: “The flight was ok, but Matt was outraged the entire trip, saying it was almost torture and that we had gone too far. My husband agrees with me, but my parents said I went too far doing this.”

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The post, which was shared on the r/AmItheA**hole, has received over 10,300 upvotes and 1,000 comments in less than a day.

One user commented: “[NotTheA**hole]. He f***ed around and found out. Doesn’t sound like those elitist attitudes really left, just simmered for a while. Yes, you absolutely tortured him by making him sit with the peasants. How awful.”

A second said: “Honestly good on OP on nipping her son’s entitled behavior right in the bud. Really wish more wealthy parents were like that!”

A third said: “I just feel bad for the people who had to sit next to the kid for that flight. Wouldn’t expect him to follow armrest etiquette.”

While a fourth wondered: “I just don’t really understand why he cared about May getting 1st class. If she’s important to the family, treat her right. Clearly, the parents aren’t hurting for money, the least they could do is show their appreciation. [Definitely NotTheA**hole]”

Newsweek reached out to u/TAMommaof3 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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A stock image shows a mother and a son arguing. A mother has been praised by the internet for letting son fly economy after he complained about her paying first class tickets for their nanny.
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