5 Stocks to Buy According to Roger Ibbotson’s Zebra Capital

The future is not written in stone. People do have the power to alter their destiny, at least to some degree.

But this ebook lays what we believe to be THE MOST PROBABLE of future scenarios, based on our research …

Just weeks from today, the strongest historic cycles known to science will converge, forming a giant 5-year supercycle.

It will bring together four powerful financial cycles with the rising cycle of war. And we predict it will have enormous impact.

When cycles like these came together in the early 1930s, the world was plunged into a Great Depression that lasted more than a decade.

This time around, the cycles will trigger the end of one major epoch in human history … and the beginning of a terrifying (but enormously profitable) new one.

The age we have all known all our lives — an era in which governments and others amassed $226 trillion in debts — is about to end.

And a new era — the age in which all of us pay the price for our leaders’ reckless spending schemes, obscene debts and money printing — is about to begin.

We will witness the collapse of the societies, currencies and investment markets that have been built on those follies, and …

Everything about how we earn, spend, save, or invest our money — and live our life — will be altered forever.

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