Rise Invest Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Breneman Capital

The company unveiled the Breneman Capital brand and a new website at Breneman.com as they prepare for a major expansion into new markets

CHICAGO, Aug. 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Breneman Capital, a private real estate investment firm specializing in multifamily across select U.S. markets, announced today that it has completed a major rebrand, supplanting the Rise Invest brand and debuting a new identity consistent with the name of Founder and CEO Drew Breneman.

Visit Breneman.com to explore the portfolio, refreshed brand, strategy, and expanded resources center.

Breneman Capital’s rebrand is an essential step in consolidating the founder’s story as an integral component of the brand while also positioning the company for future growth opportunities with unique name recognition.

Drew Breneman began his real estate investment career at the age of 19 and has established an impressive track record of managing high-quality real estate investment opportunities on behalf of individual investors and family offices.

“If you’ve invested with us in the last few years, you may already know us as Breneman Investments, and other investors may view investing with our company as investing with me [Drew Breneman]; either way, our new name allows us to center on that legacy and reputation as a passive wealth generator for investors. It brings back a personal element that was lacking with Rise Invest,” said Drew Breneman. “As we strive for increased recognition as experts in the multifamily real estate investment community, now is the time for us to evolve into a more distinguishable brand, especially as we publish original market insights and educational content.”

“We still remain very entrenched in the Phoenix and Chicago markets and are eager to keep building momentum there,” said Drew. “However, as we traverse this post-pandemic lull, diversification will be ever more important and we have a short list of markets that are really appealing. Texas markets like Dallas-Fort Worth and Austin have seen a demographic and economic renaissance over the last 15 or so years, and it would be great to take part in those tailwinds. California markets like San Diego and San Jose are interesting for their stability and long-term hold prospects. Denver is another market that has a long history of stability and outperformance.”

“As we expand into new markets and look to open up additional offices, I think our rebrand will open new doors as the uniqueness of our name will be far more recognizable than Rise Invest.”

The new branding is rooted in the firm’s heritage, strategy, and people – the three drivers that have made the company and portfolio what they are today.

Visit the updated website at Breneman.com to explore the portfolio, refreshed brand, strategy, and expanded resources center.

About Breneman Capital

Breneman Capital is a private real estate investment management firm specializing in the multifamily property sector. Breneman Capital employs a deliberate investment approach, leveraging data analytics and proprietary technology to generate superior risk-adjusted returns for investors.

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