Use of Alternative Investments Is Increasing, but There’s Still Room to Grow

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Most advisors include allocations to alternatives in their client portfolios – and that usage continues to rise in all types of alternative asset categories. 

But as alternative investments become an increasingly important part of an advisor’s toolkit, putting them to optimal use on behalf of clients can be difficult. The problem isn’t necessarily a lack of understanding by investors about the need for alternative investments; rather, alternative options are less familiar to clients, fueling concerns among some investors about liquidity, track record, risk management and other factors. 

By working to better understand the products that are available, and effectively passing that information on to their clients, advisors can reduce the resistance to alternative investments – and have more latitude to build portfolios best-suited to their clients’ needs. 

This newest research study from offers detailed perspective on which alternatives are the most popular, what factors prompt investor interest, and what factors provoke caution. 

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