Benzinga seeks a stock market reporter

Benzinga’s mission is to be a part of every investment decision made – from an individual investor’s first brokerage account to global fund managers. As a tech-enabled financial media platform, Benzinga content is now read by more than 50M people every month, but we are not satisfied. That’s where you come in!

Benzinga has grown by over 250% the last 2 years, more than doubled the size of its team & we’re not done yet.

Our team of more than 100 is leveling the playing field for individual investors and is in the midst of a period of significant growth across editorial, analytics and events operations.

If business building alongside founders and leaders excites you, this position is for you!

  • Bring amaZING content to individual investors helping to empower decision making
  • Quick turn around breaking news stories
  • Work with the editorial team to suggest angles and topics other financial media is missing
  • Monitor other outlets, social media, scanners and market intelligence tools
  • Be ready to build alongside a highly motivated team!
  • Three-plus years of documented news reporting or editing experience, with working knowledge of Associated Press style and principles of media law
  • Business news background strongly desired
  • Passion for trading stocks and financial markets

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