Tesla Tops List Of Retail Investors’ Favorite Stocks

  • Retail investors are adding an average of $1.5 billion every day into U.S. stocks.
  • Tesla is leading the charge, with $9.75 billion in retail investment so far this year.
  • Several meme stocks made it into the broader top 100 list, but they are clearly not as popular as they were in the lockdown days.


According to VandaTrack, retail investors are still a force to be reckoned with, adding an average of $1.5 billion each day into U.S. markets.

As Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu notesthis is a record-breaking level of inflows, which raises the question: what are investors buying? To find out, we’ve visualized the 10 most popular picks of 2023, as of February 15.


The Top 10 List

Most of the names in this list won’t come as a surprise. They represent eight of the world’s largest and most well-known tech companies, as well as two highly popular U.S. equity ETFs.