A very successful first Tech Investment Show

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“Networking is the no.1 unwritten rule of success in business”
“Networking is the no.1 unwritten rule of success in business”

Ideal Blockchain Event Organizer (IBEO), a next-gen event organiser and planner with extensive experience locally and internationally propelling businesses to the next level, led by Palida Jantrathip (Co-Founder), proclaimed the first “Tech Investment Show 2023” held at Queen Sirikit Convention Center, Bangkok, from 16 – 19 February 2023, a great success.

Over 4,000+ local and international people, including C-Level executives, distinguished speakers, venture capitalists, angel investors and startup entrepreneurs from the Tech Industry and Web3.0 era attended the event which aimed to build a network ecosystem for sharing perspectives, creativity, and passion to stay on top of the tech industry and emerging areas.

Tech Investment Show 2023 offered a diverse agenda across four days collaborating with international keynote speakers and panel discussions covering FoodTech & AgriTech, HealthTech, Fintech, SaaS, Web3.0 (Infrastructure, Mining, IoT, L2, Security, Cross-Chain, dApps, Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse, De-fi, dApps), and other topics.

Some 49 talented startups worldwide were on the pitch stage throughout the show presenting their project ideas to experienced judges representing various fields in the Tech and Web3.0 sectors, drawing a lot of attention from attendees.

On 16-FEB:

– Pitching#1 (FoodTech & AgriTech Startup): Out of 8 teams (Dr.7, Yindii, Nibiaa Devices, Foodie, Swees Plant Based Food, Hato Hub, Pok Pok, and Obaki). Winner: Hato Hub!

– Pitching#2 (HealthTech Startup): Out of 6 teams (FitSloth, Nirvamed, HealthTag, Zenme, MealTune, H Lab). Winner: Nirvamed.

On 17-FEB:

– Pitching#3 (HealthTech Startup): Out of 5 teams (Fraction, Entrafin, GrowFi, Circe Blockchain, KXCO). Winner: Fraction!

– Pitching#4 (SaaS Startup): Out of 6 teams (Vecabo, Cleartoo, Valocar, Orderkub, Airportel, C Wallet), Winner: Orderkub and they also got a great opportunity to join The GIA Acceleration Programme to Singapore with Plug & Play.

On 18-FEB:

– Pitching#5 (Web3.0 – Infrastructure, Mining, IoT, L2, Security, Cross-Chain): Out of 4 teams (Fraction, Emulai, Acxyn, KXCO). Winner: Emulai!

– Pitching#6 (Web3.0 – dApps): Out of 6 teams (Roseon App, Bunzz, Yoki Finance, W3dna, Paywong, Affit Network). Winner: Paywong!

On 19-FEB

– Pitching#7: (Gaming, NFTs, Metaverse): Out of 9 team (MetaGraming Build, Metagameswap, Mythic Realms, Kyrie & Terra, Krypto Fighters, Defi Sports, Frosty Whale, Crafts, Petobots). Winner: Kyrie & Terra!

– Pitching#8: (De-fi, DAO): Out of 4 teams (RiDeFi, Social Bureau, Intnode, Carbon Coin), Winner: Carbon Coin!

A 1-on-1 Business Matchmaking session for startups and venture capitalists was also organised so they could meet, match and mingle over new investment pools and opportunities.

Also featured was a special workshop located next to the networking zone revealing tips & tricks from the expert on different topics.

The event also featured a well-attended after-party at the Maya Holiday Inn to connect closely and build more networks with the venture capitalists and talented startups.

In sum, Tech Investment Show 2023 was a done and dusted successful gathering of numerous valuable attendees looking to thrive in the next evolution of technology.

For more information of Tech Investment Show 2023

– Website: www.techinvestmentshow.com
– Facebook Official Page: www.facebook.com/techinvestmentshow
– Telegram: @techinvestmentshow