Times Network’s investor education initiative “Nivesh ke Funde” illuminates aspects of Mutual Funds

times network’s investor education initiative “nivesh ke funde” illuminates aspects of mutual funds

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times network’s investor education initiative “nivesh ke funde” illuminates aspects of mutual funds

“Human Behaviour flows from three main sources,” said Plato, “emotion, desire, and knowledge.” The theory makes total sense in the world of investing, wherein desire and emotion shouldn’t play a part and the decision to invest must be made solely on the basis of knowledge.

Reality, however, is a bit different.

A common man has got bills to pay and dreams to achieve, and after a while, one also prepares to retire. So, they start saving using savings accounts, fixed deposits, schemes and what not! But what they fail to see is how inflation eats away all their savings. The solution is NOT to save but make smart investment plans to generate real wealth for one’s future. One usually makes investment decisions based not on knowledge but on the risks of the rising and falling market. Therefore, it becomes crucial for an investor to understand the know-hows of investing in equity markets and their benefits. Moreover, the pandemic has made a number of Indians turn to the financial markets to invest their saved money.

The Indian equity markets have witnessed a remarkable shift in the last few years, largely owing to the mutual fund industry which has been instrumental in conducting investor education and awareness initiatives. Mutual funds are vehicles to invest in different asset classes. For investors who are new to investing, mutual funds are an ideal way to start their investing journey since there is always a fund manager or expert who is constantly tracking their investments to help them get optimum returns.

Times Network has once again picked up the baton to encourage people to change their financial habits and create smart wealth by investing in mutual funds through the campaign called “Nivesh Ke Funde”. The initiative aims to provide some of the most immaculate and minuscule details on an array of arenas that would concern any mutual fund investor, including:

  • Index Funds and their optimum returns in an investment
  • What are Direct Equities and how are they different from Mutual Funds?
  • Mutual Funds and their risks involved
  • SIPs or Systematic Investment Plans
  • Roles that Savings and Investments play in a person’s financial portfolio
  • How can one participate in India’s economic growth through Mutual Funds?

Today, an Indian investor is plagued by a great deal of uncertainty and false information. However, the mutual fund industry, according to experts, is completely committed to the interests of investors. So, there is no need for investors to panic and dissolve their investments. Instead, they ought to keep their focus on their investment goals and seek advice from experts and professionals.

One must remember what Warren Buffet, arguably the greatest investor of all time, once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.” Therefore, it’s important to know all the risks before investing.

For more insights on investment related concerns, do get your dose of ‘Nivesh Ke Funde’ on Times Network.