Brady reportedly eyes surprising new challenge in retirement

Tom Brady plans to take a year off in retirement before embarking on a broadcasting career with FOX Sports in 2024 and apparently has his eye on a surprising new challenge this year.

Radar Online reported on Monday that Brady would like to go into the world of stand-up comedy. Brady produced and had an acting part in “80 for Brady,” a comedy that was released on Feb. 3.

According to Radar Online, Brady’s performance in the movie gave him some confidence to try out the world of comedy. They say that friends are trying to talk the retired quarterback out of trying to be a stand-up comedian, feeling he isn’t good enough. However, Brady apparently has a few strengths.

“He does a great impersonation of former teammate Rob Gronkowski— and his over-the-top Boston accent is hilarious,” a source told Radar Online.

Brady won seven Super Bowls during his NFL career and is considered the greatest quarterback ever, if not the greatest football player ever. To go from that world—where he dominated—to being a rookie all over again, would not be easy. 

Maybe it’s the kind of challenge he would embrace. But audiences are not kind to comics who are just getting started. Typically it takes years of practice for a comedian to find their style. Brady’s act would likely be picked apart from the start, which would make it tough for him to develop.

But if that’s something he wants to do, there’s little doubt he would draw a crowd.