Digital wallet-based Liminal secures CryptoCurrency Security Standard certification

Liminal, a wallet infrastructure platform, has announced achieving CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS), which is a Qualified Security Provider (QSP) Level 3 certification

According to an official release, the CCSS certification and audit process was led by Marc Krisjanous, IT security consultant, Confide Limited, and a CCSS auditor. It’s believed that Liminal’s CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification was achieved through a security review process that tested the platform’s security protocols, operational processes, and infrastructure. 

“I believe Liminal’s CCSS-QSP Level 3 certification is a testament to the platform’s commitment to providing security and compliance for our users. With this certification, Liminal aims to establish itself as the domain expert in self-custody and security. This can also help us boost the ‘trust’ factor in front of the external stakeholders, including customers, regulators, among others. In addition, we can now help our customers in becoming CCSS certified,” Manan Vora, SVP of strategy and business operation, Liminal, said.

Moreover, the certification also required Liminal to implement a set of security measures that protect user data, funds, and transactions, which included Liminal Hot, Warm and Cold Wallets, Liminal Secure Transfer Environment, Liminal Authorisation Workflow, Liminal Automated Refill Engine, Liminal EVM Fee Saver Workflow, and Liminal Policy Engine.

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