Hot Picks With Anil Singhvi: Sundaram Finance Holdings is the stock to buy, says analyst Sandeep Jain

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Hot Picks With Anil Singhvi: Amid highly volatile markets, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi and his panel of experts are making the lives of investors easier by continuously recommending money making stocks to buy. In this regard, the Money Guru today asked Sandeep Jain to share his stock pick of the day and the TradeSwift expert replied with Sundaram Finance Holdings for whopping returns.

Speaking on the fundamentals of the Sundaram Finance Holdings shares Sandeep Jain told Anil Singhvi, “Comparing the book value of the company with its market cap, its valuations seems highly attractive. The dividend yield of the company is 2.28 and its business prospects are quite high.”

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Jain said that Sundaram Finance Holdings share price has strong support at Rs 50 per share and the counter is currently trading around Rs 60 mark. He said that the downside risk of the Sundaram Finance Holdings shares is only Rs 10 and hence one can buy the counter at current levels.

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When Anil Singhvi asked him to give his recommendations in detail the Managing Director at TradeSwift said, “As I told you earlier, the down side risk for the company is very low and one can buy Sundaram Finance Holdings shares at Rs 60 mark and keep on accumulating till it is above Rs 50. It will soon showcase Rs 70, Rs 75 and RS 80 targets.”