Corporate America first: Trump fails to un-rig the U.S. economy

In the middle of the last century, a General Motors president told Congress that what was good for GM was good for America and vice versa. As U.S. president, Donald Trump — who as a candidate promised to put the economy back on the side of the little guy — has revised the old saw: What’s good for big business, as represented by its most powerful corporations, is good for America, and vice versa.

The need to fix that dangerous misperception is another reason to deny Trump a second term.

Three years ago today, schedules of Trump’s first pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that he held meetings almost daily with oil lobbyists, car-company executives and other industry leaders, while systematically tuning out environmental advocates. Conflicts and timidity on regulation have continued under the current director, a former lobbyist for a coal producer and a uranium mining firm.

Trump’s first secretary of the interior, Ryan Zinke, resigned amid a probe into whether a land deal he’d struck with the chairman of oil services company Halliburton. Trump’s current secretary of the interior, a former energy lobbyist, has been a consistent conduit for those industries’ interests.

Trump’s Department of Agriculture, led by an industry cheerleader in Sonny Perdue, maintains tight ties with the businesses it regulates, prioritizing their wants over consumers’ need to be protected.

The list goes on and on, and was most egregiously manifest in Trump’s 2017 tax law, a grab bag of giveaways for corporations.

Sure, Trump has a running war with Amazon and ongoing gripes with other big tech concerns. He opposes some corporate-backed immigration and trade priorities.

But the rule in this White House remains: corporate America first.

This is the Daily News Editorial Board’s reminder of 99 reasons Donald Trump ought to be disqualified from serving a second term as president. To read more, go here.


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