12 Best Hiking Boots for Women Starting at Just £35

Chances are, if you’ve recently searched for the best hiking boots for women, you’ve had to somewhat adjust your 2020 holiday plans to something a little more COVID permissible. Enter, the Great British walking holiday. Whether you’ve got bad memories of wet, blistered feet or you’re a green-toed newbie, these boots are the ones to get you from point A to b in comfort and style. A mix of top-range, mid-range and on-sale options, there’s something for every budget. According to Backpacker.com, the things to judge a hiking boot on are: comfort, durability, stability, weight, warmth and water resistance – which, fortunately, we’ve done for you with this edit of our top 12 picks. Yeah, you and your feet are welcome.

What’s the difference between hiking boots and shoes?

Besides the obvious name difference, hiking boots are more sturdy and durable than their shoe-cousins. Not only that but the higher-cut ankle provides more support than the (usually) flexible and softer hiking shoes. Saying that, hiking shoes are somewhat more versatile as they’re often lighter and require less breaking in.

The way to decide what’s best for you will come down to what type of hike you’re planning on going on. For multi-day hikes, medium to difficult terrain routes or particularly wet/windy trips, a boot will be the one to keep you dry and comfortable. Which, when you’re faced with wet feet for hours on end is a real win.

If you’re looking to invest long-term, choosing a boot with extra traction and waterproofed material is a non-negosh: They’ll allow you to chop and change trail type, without having to worry about your kicks holding up.