Only 18 Years Old and Making a Name for Himself in the World of Stocks: How Mihir Sukthankar Broke Out in the Industry

Startup Fortune, October 7, 2020: Hailing from Bay Area, California, Mihir Sukthankar is an eighteen-year-old stock investor with big dreams and impressive ways of going for them. For the last four years, he’s shown determination and consistency in the way he works, so it’s no surprise that Mihir’s company, Traders Circle X, is highly successful.

Back in high school, Mihir realized his passion for business. He learned the skill of coding, which he used to his advantage by building and selling websites. With the income he began amassing, he first started looking into stocks, even investing between classes.

Ideas That Will Revolutionize the Way People Make Trading Decisions

Traders Circle X (TCX) was founded and is currently being run by Mihir Sukthankar and his partners. Over 4,000 new and current options traders use the TCX platform and reap the benefits of the long hours Mihir and his partners put into studying charts, market analysis, and news. All of this culminates in an over 90% options win rate. 

One of the major selling points of TCX is its ability to benefit beginners with practically no knowledge and help them gain a deep understanding of the market through the course content.

Mihir is also working on more products that aim to further advance the trading community. Under a new venture called BoostedQuant, he is building an algorithmic trading software that will soon be released to the investment group market, intended to pioneer the way proprietary firms and hedge funds trade going forward. BoostedQuant will change the investment game by being a personalized trading bot that uses machine learning to design future strategies for the markets.

BoostedQuant also formulates algorithms to provide users with the most relevant information and facts regarding the stock market. Not only that, but users can even customize their trading bot to fit their specific investment needs. Mihir’s paving the way for a new future of trading thanks to his unique ideas and innovation.

Loving What you do is the Key to Success

As Mihir says, “Success in the business world isn’t sustainable if you don’t love what you’re doing.” Mihir is continually working hard and coming up with new ideas to execute, with one of those being a new company called Market Dice that he has in the works.Market Dice is a newsletter that offers the most relevant information concerning all tradeable markets in one convenient place. 

Despite being busy with his current ventures, Mihir still dreams big and focuses on the future. The ultimate goal for him is to make a lasting impact in the field of finance and to one day find himself on the Wall Street floor. He is currently keeping busy by working on expanding his success by opening his own hedge fund and a proprietary trading firm.

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