Stock-picks With Anil Singhvi: Avanti Feeds, Bajaj Electricals and Canfin Homes are Rajat Bose's top recommendations

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Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi in the popular Special Mid-Cap Stocks show,  guides investors in making a wise choice while picking stocks and in this exercise a special panel of experts is at hand to provide the logic behind the move. In the show’s latest episode, the Market Guru talked to Equity expert Rajat Bose and took his short term, positional mid cap and long-term recommendations. Find his picks below:

Long term: Avanti Feeds

Picking Avanti Feeds as his long-term stock, Bose said Avanti Feeds long-term chart pattern indicates that the stock is poised to touch the previous high of Rs 770 that it had regained in February. Backing his claims, he said the stock once had touched Rs 1000-mark and after hitting a bottom of around Rs 250 in March, the stock has consolidated and is all set to rally. Giving a target of Rs 770 and asking to put a stop-loss of Rs 425, he advised to maintain a long-term position in the stock. Calling it a dependable counter, he said the stock will hit his suggested target price in six months to one-year time from now. The stock was trading around Rs 514 when Bose recommended it.  

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Positional mid-cap stock: Bajaj Electricals

The market expert picked Bajaj Electricals as his positional pick and said he was strongly bullish on this stock.  Buttressing his point, Bose told Zee Business Managing Editor that the stock has crossed long-term downtrend line when it rallied past Rs 450 and never again it declined further, except once when it briefly tested the same level. He said the chart pattern of stock is very strong and he is extremely confident that it will hit the target of Rs 688 and might go beyond it. He asked to maintain a stop-loss of Rs 440 for this ‘solid counter’. The stock was trading around Rs 523 during the day.  

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Short-term Pick: Canfin Homes

Talking about this scrip, Bose said the consolidation suggests that Canfin Homes will hit a target of Rs 517 in a month. He suggested to keep a stop-loss of Rs 448.  He said recent interest in housing finance in current scenario and institution activity in this counter also makes it a must pick. Canfin Homes share was trading around Rs 468 during today’s trading session.