Election Polls 2020: Trump, Biden Tied In Georgia; Very Close In Florida, NC

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  • Trump and Biden are even in Georgia, the latest election poll shows
  • The survey found that Biden has a narrow lead among voters in Florida and North Carolina
  • Biden also received high marks overall among likely voters who were asked which candidate could handle the pandemic better

President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are locked in a tight race in key battleground states just a week away from the Nov. 3 election. 

According to the CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll, Trump and Biden are even in Georgia, while the former vice president leads by 2 percentage points in Florida and 4 points in North Carolina. 

The survey conducted on Oct. 20-23 asked respondents about their concerns over potentially getting the coronavirus. The majority of Biden voters in all three states said they were very concerned about contracting the virus, while Trump supporters said they are much less concerned.

Likely voters were also asked about who they think would handle the coronavirus pandemic better. Biden received higher marks overall, with 49% in Florida, 48% in Georgia, and 50% in North Carolina. Meanwhile, only 41% of Floridians, 41% of Georgians, and 39% of those living in North Carolina said they believe Trump could better respond to COVID-19 outbreaks. 

The CBS/YouGov poll asked likely voters in Florida on what plays a significant factor in their vote. More than 91% of voters said they would vote for Biden due to the coronavirus. And 80% said they’re more likely to vote for the Democratic nominee because of his personal character. 

A whopping 96% of Trump’s likely voters in Florida said the U.S. economy plays a significant factor in their vote. Seventy-nine percent cited immigration laws as other criteria influencing their vote. 

The CBS News/YouGov poll echoes the broader average of surveys tracked by FiveThirtyEight. As of Sunday, Oct. 25, Biden has a 2.4-point edge over Trump in Florida, 49.1% to 46.7%. Biden also leads by 2.5% in North Carolina, but he only has a 0.4% advantage in Georgia. 

While Biden is performing well in states that Trump led in 2016, the president could still regain his advantage on Election Day. 

However, according to CNN’s polling expert Harry Enten, the coronavirus pandemic may pose a threat to the president’s reelection. Historical polling data suggests that the candidate who is most trusted in noneconomic issues is more likely to win. 

Vox’s Roge Karma also said that while Trump voters do not believe the pandemic is a top issue, surveys found that COVID-19 would be the critical issue among undecided voters who could cause swing states to favor either candidate. 

President Donald Trump (L) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden take part in the final presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/POOL