Charlie Kirk: Enthusiasm for President Trump at record highs

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WORLD, I’m Jesse Watters. President Trump expected to take the stage in the battleground state of Wisconsin tonight for his third and final rally of the day.

The President also had rallies in Ohio and North Carolina, which brings me to this: Trump is closing hard. That’s the subject of tonight’s Watters’


Last Saturday, we told you the tide was turning in the campaign. Trump recovered from the virus and restarted his rallies. Pence crushed Kamala Harris at the debate. Amy Coney Barrett sailed through the hearings, and Biden got rocked by a major scandal and Big Tech censored it.

I said that if Trump rode this wave, he would have the momentum to win. And after this last week, he still has it.

Trump gave 12 speeches in 10 swing states this week. Biden gave four speeches in three states all week and barely anybody showed up.

One of the speeches was in Delaware, not really known as a battleground.

His last press conference was in September. Biden is fading and the more the media tries to drag him across the finish line, the worst they look.

Trump sat down with Lesley Stahl for “60 Minutes” and she embarrassed herself. Her interview was so biased Trump released the raw interview before it aired just to show the country how dishonest the mainstream media is.

Now, FOX isn’t airing the raw footage for legal reasons. But go online, after WATTERS’ WORLD of course. And what you’ll see is a so-called journalist with solid pedigree from a prestigious network, not do her homework, lie about what the President said to his face, and not even know that his campaign was wiretapped.

She told Trump she wouldn’t air anything he said about hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s unbelievable.

Now, Trump has cornered the media. If the media reports on the Biden family scandal, they’ll destroy their candidate. But if they don’t report on the scandal, they’ll destroy their credibility.

And guess what’s happening? The media is sacrificing their credibility just to elect their candidate. But the risk is huge because if Biden loses, both are destroyed.

But the dam is breaking. The media can’t hold it up much longer.

A former business partner of the Biden family has come forward and blown the lid off the scandal. He has impeccable credentials, a former Naval officer whose only donations have gone to Democrats.


TONY BOBULINSKI, FORMER BUSINESS AFFILIATE OF HUNTER BIDEN: I’ve heard Joe Biden say that he has never discussed business with Hunter. That is false.

I have firsthand knowledge about this because I directly dealt with the Biden family, including Joe Biden.

On May 13th, 2017, I received an e-mail concerning allocation of equity, which says 10 percent held by H for the big guy. In that e-mail, there is no question that H stands for Hunter, big guy for his father, Joe Biden.

On numerous occasions, it was made clear to me that Joe Biden’s involvement was not to be mentioned in writing, but only face-to-face.


WATTERS: This is a credible witness claiming the Biden family cooked up a deal while Joe was VP, and afterwards they designed a scheme for him to get kickbacks from a Communist Chinese energy company.

He has hard evidence to back this up. The e-mails are out there. He turned over his phones to Federal investigators. The Senate has his phones, too.

The F.B.I. interviewed the ex-partner on Friday, and there is an open money laundering investigation involving Hunter’s laptop. That seems important.

One of Hunter’s business partners is in Federal prison. The other, Devon Archer is awaiting sentencing. Here is Devon Archer with Joe Biden. Biden said he didn’t know about his son’s business. Right? He just golfs with his business partners before they go to jail.

Messages suggest Biden was using his office as a cash register. His son and brother were selling access to Joe. Joe was for sale, and foreigners were buying influence. Maybe that’s why Joe has been so soft on China his whole career. Follow the money.

The Chinese sent $70 million to the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania. The school wasn’t upfront about it, and Biden pulled a salary from the school. Now, what’s that about?

Joe’s campaign has issued very carefully worded denials such as, quote, “There’s no indication Joe has gotten money from these deals.” Or, “Nobody has held the stock for him.” Nobody talked about stock.

And here is the bottom line. Joe looks as crooked as Hillary and the rigged media is trying to run out the clock because if Joe wins, there’s no way he survives an investigation into his family’s business, so Kamala takes over then. And that’s the plan.

Donald Trump raised the scandal at the debate on Thursday.


DONALD TRUMP (R), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: All of the e-mails — the e-mails. They are horrible e-mails of the kind of money that you were raking in, you and your family, and Joe, you were Vice President when some of this was happening, and it should have never happened.

And I think you owe an explanation to the American people.


He is being used as a Russian pawn. He is being fed information that is Russian — that is not true.

TRUMP: You mean the laptop is now another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax?

You’ve got to be —

BIDEN: That’s exactly what — that’s exactly what was —

TRUMP: This is where he is going. The laptop is Russia, Russia, Russia.

KRISTEN WELKER, NBC NEWS WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Gentlemen, I want to stay on the issue of race, okay.

TRUMP: You have to be kidding. Here we go again with Russia.


CARLSON: Now Joe spent four days preparing for that debate, and that’s all he’s got. It’s Russia. Now, if the e-mails are forgeries, Biden is fine. So why doesn’t he just say that?

Little advice to reporters, the question to ask, are the e-mails real or fake, Mr. Vice President? That’s it. He can’t answer that question, because either way he answers it, he digs himself deeper.

Trump is getting traction on it, and Biden is on defense. The old VP also sunk himself when he said he’d get rid of the oil industry.


BIDEN: I have a transition from the oil industry, yes.

TRUMP: Oh, that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: That is a big statement. Because I would stop —

WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes significantly. I said, here’s the deal. But you can’t —

TRUMP: Oh, I see. That’s a big statement.

BIDEN: Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time — over time — and I’ve stop giving to the oil industry — I’d stop giving them federal subsidies.

TRUMP: That’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business. That’s the biggest statement because basically what he is saying is he going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma?


WATTERS: And Team Biden tried to clean that up afterwards, but it was too late.

Trump had his best debate in a long time. He was relaxed and optimistic, while Joe was dark and angry. The President accurately framed Joe as a lockdown artist who killed the recovery.

And his message that Biden is an all talk no action, lifelong politician really hit home.


TRUMP: He was there for 47 years, he didn’t do anything. He was now there as Vice President for eight years and it’s not like it was 25 years ago, it was three and three quarters. It was just a little while ago, right? Less than four years ago.

A political statement, let’s get off this China thing, and then he looks at the family around the table, everything. Just a typical politician when I see that.

You’re the one that takes all the money from Wall Street. I don’t take it.

You have raised a lot of money, tremendous amounts of money. And every time you raise money, deals are made, Joe.

BIDEN: I don’t know where he comes from. I don’t know where he comes up with these numbers.

TRUMP: Queens.


WATTERS: Queens. Every single poll pretty much afterwards said Trump dominated, and so did the focus groups. That debate had a very big impact.

We’re in the homestretch with over a week to go, basically. The mail-in ballots and early voting look great for the President.

The battlegrounds are tight. He is right where he wants to be.

If the next week is as good as the last two, he has got this.

I spoke to Senator Ted Cruz about all of this yesterday.


WATTERS: Senator Ted Cruz from the Great State of Texas. Senator, thanks for joining WATTERS’ WORLD.

SEN. TED CRUZ (R-TX): Jesse, great to be with you.

WATTERS: Are you going to be okay? You guys aren’t going to have any oil left after Joe Biden becomes President.

CRUZ: Well, and apparently it’s going to be a dark winter as well. So hopefully we can at least heat the homes. Thankfully in Texas, it’s warm at least. So it may be a greater problem in the northern parts of the country.

WATTERS: So what did you think about the debate on Thursday? You had the oil issue that he brought up, not good for a lot of key swing states. It looks like Joe Biden got cornered big time on socialized medicine.

The President seemed like he painted Joe as the pro lockdown candidate and seemed very disciplined. Joe seemed a little shaky, very angry at the end.

What was your assessment?

CRUZ: I thought it was a surprisingly good debate. It was as good a debate as the first debate was not. The first debate was a mess where they were yelling at each other the whole time.

This one, I actually thought both candidates did quite well. I think Trump won the debate.

I think he helped himself significantly more than Biden did, but I actually thought both of them put in strong performances. They did much better. Both of them did much better than previously.

Where Trump excelled the most, and I think this is the most important issue, it is what you just mentioned. He made clear that, look, we’re coming out of an economic calamity driven by this pandemic and he made clear that he is for reopening the economy, letting small businesses reopen, letting people go back to work, letting kids go back to school, moving forward and back to prosperity.

And it also made very clear that Joe Biden’s approach is shut everything down and destroy jobs and that contrast, I think, an awful lot of elections, most elections when people go to the polls, jobs in the economy is front and center, number one, and I think Trump did very, very well on that issue.

WATTERS: I agree wholeheartedly. Also, you have the Biden family China scandal that got talked about a little bit. I don’t think you’re ever really going to pin Joe down on that. You’ve got to use subpoenas and investigators and testimony if you want to dig deep there.

But this country, not a fan of China right now. I think 80 percent of the country, furious with the Chinese Communist for letting this virus come here, and then we hate corrupt politicians, and nothing is worse than a corrupt or rigged system protecting a corrupt politician.

How have you processed this laptop scandal that seems to be growing every day?

CRUZ: You know, I think what is astonishing is how corrupt the media is, that you have the media and Big Tech both doing everything they can to try to erase, try to hide the scandal and to try to protect Joe Biden.

We saw last week, Twitter and Facebook both banned “The New York Post’s”

blockbuster stories, breaking the evidence of the scandal. They prohibited users from sharing them online. They shut down “The New York Post’s” own social media account. That has never happened even in the world of bad conduct and social media censorship, taking the next step and censoring a major media outlet is uncharted territory, and it is an enormous abuse of power by Big Tech.

That being said, I don’t think this issue is going to decide the election.

I thought the 10 to 15 minutes in the debate last night where they were going back and forth and alleging “your family is corrupt; no, no, your family is corrupt.” I think that was probably awash in that if you’re with Trump, you were with him on that. If you’re with Biden, you were with him on that.

So I was glad the debate fairly quickly shifted away from that stuff. And back to why does this make a difference for your family? For your kids? For your future? Because I think those are the issues that Trump wins on.

WATTERS: I do agree this is about reopening the economy. That’s the number one issue, but with weak Biden voters, the suspicion when you have Big Tech and the media censoring a story that raises a lot of questions if you’re a little bit on the fence, so hopefully you guys are going to do something about that in the Senate.

You know, we always talk about palling these guys in there and giving it to them, and you know, they continue to censor conservatives.

CRUZ: Yes, absolutely.

WATTERS: But, next week, Amy Coney Barrett, it looks like she will be confirmed. And now after a beautiful hearing, put on by you, by the Chairman and by her in particular, a majority of the American people now want to see her confirmed. That’s just an astonishing turn of events from when we saw polling early during the first week of the nomination, where people were kind of iffy about it. She really moved the needle and hats off to her.

CRUZ: Well, that’s exactly right. I think the last two weeks have been very, very good. In her hearing, I think Judge Barrett did a phenomenal job. You saw the Democrats come at her, try to attack her and I think she was calm, cool, collected. Her temperament was scholarly and judicious.

And you quickly saw how bad it was going for Senate Democrats because by the second day, they were running for the hills. They wanted to get as far away from that hearing room as possible, because it wasn’t helping them.

The American people I think, were very impressed. The Judiciary Committee, we unanimously voted her out. Now, the reason it was unanimous, is because the Democrats boycotted.

They seem to be under the curious impression that they are somehow punishing us by denying us their presence. But be that as it may, actually another result of the Democratic boycott as we also subpoenaed Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Twitter and Facebook and the Democrats weren’t able to delay it because they didn’t show up.

Getting Judge Barrett out of committee unanimously was a big deal. She will come to the floor on Monday. By Monday night, Judge Barrett will be Justice Barrett and I think it’s the single biggest and most important decision the President has made in four years.

Jesse, as you know, I’ve got a brand new book that just came out a couple of weeks ago called “One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Justice can Change History.” And that book became the number one bestseller in the country on Amazon. It has been on “The New York Times” bestseller list three weeks in a row.

And I think the reason people are going and buying the book is because it brings you inside the Supreme Court. It helps you understand in real world terms in clear and understandable terms what’s at stake? Why this fight is over free speech and religious liberty and the Second Amendment and how our fundamental rights are really hanging in the balance.

I think that is the most important issue at stake on November 3rd.

WATTERS: “One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat can Change History.” Go check out Ted Cruz’s book.

And I agree, ending this race with censorship, boycotts, and all else, court packing. I don’t think it’s a way to finish strong.

All right, try to keep the lights on in Texas, okay, Senator.

CRUZ: Excellent.

WATTERS: Thank you.


WATTERS: And we’re awaiting President Trump in Wisconsin for his third and final rally of the day. Charlie Kirk on deck.


WATTERS: President Trump expected to take the stage for his third rally of the day in Waukesha, Wisconsin keeping up quite a pace. FOX News Garrett Tenney joins us now from that rally — Garrett.

GARRETT TENNEY, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CORRESPONDENT: Well, Jesse, I can tell you, Wisconsin feels a lot different than Florida where President Trump started his day.

It is just above freezing here. Now, that isn’t really anything new for folks here. That’s still ice cream weather in these parts, but we have more than 10,000 people who have come out for this rally in Waukesha.

A county President Trump won in 2016 with 61 percent of the vote. This will be his fifth campaign visit to Wisconsin this year, and he will be back again on Tuesday for another rally.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, has only visited the state twice in the past two years. Both of those visits coming last month, though, the Biden campaign has said he will be back again before the election.

Folks at home will remember though, Wisconsin was key to President Trump’s victory in 2016. No Republican had won the state since 1984, and he narrowly won it with less than 23,000 votes.

Now, the President is hoping to win the state again by an even bigger margin this time around and he is putting in a lot of time to try and make that happen — Jesse.

WATTERS: All right, stay warm out there, Garrett. We appreciate it.

With 10 days left to go until Election Day, President Trump is competing hard in the battlegrounds. Here are some of the polls that came out this week.

The latest Trafalgar poll in Wisconsin shows Biden only up by a single point. And in Pennsylvania, only leading by two points. An Emerson poll from Georgia shows Trump leading Biden. I think he’ll win by a little bit more than that and Trump is also edging Biden out in North Carolina by a point.

FOX News shows Trump beating Joe Biden by three points in Ohio. I think, he will do a little bit better there, too. A new Susquehanna poll shows the President just took the lead in Arizona. We expect him to win that state and Trump has been holding steady with a three-point lead in Florida.

Republicans looking very good in the early voting there.

He also leads in Michigan, another Trafalgar poll. Now this pollster, he is the only guy that accurately predicted Trump winning Michigan in 2016.

That’s a significant poll. Trump has a two-point advantage on Joe Biden in Iowa. We expect him to win there, but Biden up by about five in Pennsylvania. There, that’s another tough battleground for the President.

Joining me now to discuss, Turning Point U.S.A. founder and author of “The MAGA Doctrine,” Charlie Kirk. All right, Charlie, I wanted to talk to you because you’ve been out there. I’m in the studio, I don’t get to go out and travel the country as much as I used to anymore.

You’ve seen the crowds. You’ve been to a bunch of these states. What are you seeing and what are you hearing? And what does it feel like?

CHARLIE KIRK, FOUNDER, TURNING POINT U.S.A.: Yes, we’ve over 15 states in just the last couple of weeks from Florida to Arizona to Ohio, Texas, Georgia, battleground states across the country and the enthusiasm for President Trump is at record highs.

And look, there’s one thing that I’m hearing from a lot of people though, it is evident that the Democrats are outspending President Trump and Republicans. But it’s also clear that we are out working the Democrats.

We are knocking on more doors. We are making more phone calls. The President is doing more rallies.

This will be a question in my opinion in the next 10 days: can you purchase an election with the help of the billionaire class like Joe Biden is with the help of his friend, Mike Bloomberg and the tech elites? Or can President Donald Trump win the election again, with the true sovereign in this country, We, the People?

I’m seeing enthusiasm and energy unlike anything I’ve ever seen, including in 2016; however, Jesse, I don’t think we’re there yet. I think we still need to get our friends to go to the polls. I think that we still have got one last push. If I were going to give my honest analysis, I think we’re trending towards victory, but I think we still have work left to do.

WATTERS: Yes, he wants to leave it all out in the field. You know, you’re in the red zone. You just need — you’ve got to finish with a touchdown.

The momentum is there and I agree, Mini Mike, what did he spend? A half a bill? And he won a few delegates in America Samoa.

I mean, money cannot buy elections. The president beat Crooked last time with half the cash. And you’re right, Biden is spending a fortune on the air, but he is not on the ground and I don’t know, maybe people get annoyed listening to all the Biden ads.

I think I think we’ll see. He is also deploying Barack Obama. I saw this as a strategic mistake. If I was running the Biden campaign, I would have put Obama and Joe on the same stage together in the same picture that reminds Democrats that they were on the same ticket when they were in the White House together.

But they’re not doing that. They are deploying him to places where they think they need help. Right now, I think he went to Philly, because the black vote is not turning out in Pennsylvania over the mail so far, and then he was in Miami today, barely anybody showed up. It looks like early voting numbers have not been hitting targets for Democrats in Florida.

What do you think about Barack Obama back on the trail? He doesn’t seem to be making the splash that he used to.

KIRK: One of the biggest lies that the media has been telling the last couple days is that Barack Obama is the X Factor. In 2016, he campaigned heavily for Hillary Clinton. That did not work well.

And then Barack Obama campaigned heavily for Andrew Gillum in Florida in what was supposed to be the blue wave, and Ron DeSantis is now Governor DeSantis.

Barack Obama made no impact in 2016, and he made little impact in 2018.

Barack Obama is not going to move this race for Joe Biden. The only way Joe Biden wins is if the tech elites and the media continues their diabolical character assassination campaign against President Trump, and enough people are unfortunately misled.

However, I remain optimistic, Jesse, I remain optimistic that people out there are going to bring their friends to the polls, that they are going to turn in their ballots, however, they feel the secure method to do so, voting early or actually handing in their ballot because I think and I feel underneath all of this, that the American people have grown tired of a ruling class that lives above the law that has a separate set of rules for them, and also seems to continue to benefit while the middle class and the muscular class of this country sees their wages go down, their schools closed and nine months of lockdowns.

So Barack Obama going out there and trying to rev up the troops, I don’t think that’s going to move the dial at all for Joe Biden.

WATTERS: You know, you’re right. It’s shaping up like another David and Goliath situation even though you have an incumbent President.

KIRK: That’s right.

WATTERS: He is now the underdog because when you have an alliance between the Big Media conglomerates, the Big Tech monopolies in Silicon Valley and the entire Democratic Party, you’re throwing billions and billions of dollars. You’re throwing tens of thousands of employees who spend all day long, just launching all-out war on this President, on the people he represents suppressing the vote in terms of stories.

And you know, you’re going to see if — you’re right, you’re going to see if the people of this country can overcome that powerful wave of money and corruption because that’s really what it is, it is corruption.

I’ll give you the last word, 30 seconds.

KIRK: You’re exactly right, Jesse, it is corruption. And for everyone watching out there, we need this to not be a spectator sport. Get involved, knock on doors, get your friends to the polls, and make sure you vote.

If we do our job and we make this an activist moment, not a spectator moment, the billionaire class, the tech elites, the Wall Street bankers, they will not know what hit them with their diminishing return of billions of dollars, and we will make sure this country remains in great hands.

WATTERS: Thank you, Charlie. It’s like the President said, Joe is getting all the cash from Wall Street. The Democrat getting all the cash from Wall Street. I bet a lot of people don’t know that.

All right, check out Charlie’s book and we’ll see you later.

KIRK: Thank you.

WATTERS: Soon, President Trump to take the stage in Wisconsin for his final rally of the day.



TRUMP: We’re going to make three stops today — big ones, big rallies, three big ones. Crowds have never been — I don’t think there’s ever been anything like this. There is tremendous spirit. I hear we are doing very well in Florida and we’re doing very well, I hear every everyplace else.

So thank you very much. And you’re going to be very busy today because we’re going to work you hard.

QUESTION: Who did you vote for today?

TRUMP: I voted for a guy named Trump.


TRUMP: Thank you very much, everybody.


WATTERS: President Trump voting this morning in West Palm Beach, Florida, talking about the energy on the trail and that energy loud and clear tonight in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The President is about to take the stage for his third rally today.

But a very different story for the Biden campaign. The wheels are falling off. Joe said this today.


BIDEN: We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.


WATTERS: He wants to put a voter fraud organization together? And his running mate doesn’t even know what state she is in. Watch.




WATTERS: What’s going on? Joining me now to react, Trump 2020 senior adviser for strategy, Steve Cortes. Where are you, Steve?

STEVE CORTES, TRUMP 2020 SENIOR ADVISER FOR STRATEGY: I’m at campaign headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.

WATTERS: Okay, good. At least you know where you are. Good. All right.

CORTES: I know exactly where I am.

WATTERS: So, we saw kind of an angry tone from Joe today. I don’t know if you saw some of his campaign’s internal polling, or maybe he is just kind of in shock after that debate on Thursday.

The President seems to be a little sunnier. Obviously, more energetic. Tell me about what the closing argument is for this campaign in the last week or two?

CORTES: You bet. You make a great point. I think Joe Biden thinks that screaming at people and calling voters chumps is voter outreach. That’s not a Get-Out-The-Vote strategy.

But listen, before I get to the actual policy strategy, I want to just say a word about this approach that you’ve mentioned because this is really shaping up now, these final days of the campaign. In a lot of ways, it is morning in America on one side versus the dark winter on the other side.

And what I mean by that is that is this President is out there hustling barnstorming the country, and he is acting as an inspiring leader, and he is convincing the people that there is a revival afoot in this country, and that it can continue with a great American Renaissance or recovery.

On the other hand, we have Joe Biden warning of dismal doom. He is like a combination, an insipid combination of Nurse Ratchet and the Grim Reaper telling us that there is a looming dark winter ahead.

No, there’s not, Joe Biden. The sun is not setting on America; the sun is rising on America, and we need the kind of leadership that will inspire that.

But to get to specific policies as well, because of course, we want to go there. Look, the number one issue far and away on voters’ minds is the economy. It’s also the issue on which we have the most compelling case to make that the economic — the economy that Donald Trump built, both in the first three years of his presidency before the China virus artificially halted that economic rise, and then the economy that he is again rebuilding right now.

All the recent economic statistics are just astounding. Wall Street, they are defying the critics. This is a country that is charging and roaring back to life. The way to accelerate and continue that momentum is to rehire Donald Trump as our national CEO, but we’re also going to be defining the opponent. We’re going to be doing the job that the corporate media won’t, and making sure —

WATTERS: Right. No, I know that you have done a very good job of that the last week. I think, you know, what we’re talking about there.

In terms of October surprises, it looks like for the first time in a long time, Republicans in the driver’s seat. The Democrats don’t have any ammo left. I mean, what have they got? They did the dossier. We’ve had more whistleblowers than a football scrimmage, anonymous leaks, his taxes.

I feel like they’re out, and they have a week to go and the President is hammering this corruption theme really hard, and he has got the receipts.

Are you getting traction on that?

CORTES: A hundred percent. We absolutely are. And it’s showing even in public polls that I think are largely flawed. Even there, it is showing. It is certainly showing on private polling.

The American people, I think, smell a rat here, quite rightly. They know that Joe Biden’s explanation was a diversion when he tried to claim that it is Russian propaganda or Russian disinformation. That’s ludicrous, okay.

Tony Bobulinski is not a Russian agent. This laptop — the laptop from hell. It’s from hell. It’s not from Moscow. This is not Russian disinformation. And this man, Joe Biden is disqualified from being President of the United States because the evidence increasingly points to him selling out our country to the most dangerous enemy on the planet, the Chinese Communist Party and the American people are becoming aware of that fact.

WATTERS: All right, Steve, appreciate you coming in. At least you know where you are. Can’t say that about Kamala Harris.

CORTES: That’s right.

WATTERS: President Trump to rally Wisconsin very, very soon, and we’ll bring you that when he takes the stage. He has landed.


WATTERS: You’re looking at live pictures of Waukesha, Wisconsin where President Trump is expected to take the stage soon for his final rally of the night. The Biden campaign rocked this week by the Biden family’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who said Joe did know about his son’s deal with a Chinese energy firm, and is in fact, the big guy referenced in those e-mails about him getting a cut.

But the media is still struggling to handle the scandal.


GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, ABC NEWS HOST: Talking about Biden’s personal corruption, a little bit about Hunter Biden. Most of those charges unverified.

JAKE TAPPER, CNN HOST: Charges so heinous, I’m not even going to say them.

Just nonsense, with no evidence just completely made up.

VAN JONES, CNN POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: The nastiest ugliest smear campaign online …


JONES:  … in the history of American politics.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: If you’re not immersed in right-wing media —

NICOLLE WALLACE, MSNBC HOST: And we are cable hosts, what are they talking about? I don’t know, some laptop. I mean —

REID: I mean, no one knows the details of these conspiracies.

WALLACE: Nobody undecided —


WATTERS: I said it at the top, they are cornered because if they report on it, Biden is toast; and if they don’t, their credibility is toast.

Here now to discuss, Prager University founder, Dennis Prager. I can’t believe this thing. I can’t — we verified they. They don’t want to verify it. They couldn’t verify it. They don’t want to.

And as a matter of fact, Dennis, I could say the Biden campaign is unverified because I never see the guy. Like I can’t tell if he is actually running.

DENNIS PRAGER, FOUNDER, PRAGER UNIVERSITY: Jesse, the issue is clear to me as clear as the sun in the sky on a sunny day. I’ve studied the left my whole life. I was at the Russian Institute at Columbia University and I’ve studied Russian through reading “Pravda,” so I have been immersed in the study of the left and I have said something all of my life, truth is not a left-wing value.

Now I want to make this clear, it is a liberal value and it is a conservative value. But it has never been a left-wing value. That is why Lenin named the Soviet newspaper “Pravda.” Pravda is Russian for truth.

The truth is what the party says it is. Right now, “The New York Times” is not liberal, “The Washington Post” is not liberal, et cetera. They are left and the truth is what they say it is.

So they really are closer to “Pravda” than they are to newspapers of 50 years ago. That is the reason that this brazen lie that it is not verified, whereas Russian collusion was verified. Something they spent three years on.

So if we don’t understand the bigger picture, it’s useless. The left does not value truth. It never has.

WATTERS: You know, it’s interesting you used the word — it’s language that they are kind of taking language and they’ve weaponized it and if you bring a charge, they say that’s debunked, and then they just leave it at that.

PRAGER: That’s right.

WATTERS: And it has only been debunked by them, and they are debunking it is just denying it. So do you think Joe can make it the next week without being asked the straight up question? Because here’s the killer question.

I’ve said it, Joe, are the e-mails real? Or are they fake? That’s the question he needs to answer.

PRAGER: Well, the President basically said that, and he said, this is Russian disinformation.

WATTERS: What part of it is — is the computer made in Russia? Is this decorated Naval veteran, is he Russian? Where is Russia here?

PRAGER: All right, so I’m going to reverse roles and ask you a question.

And that is, who is going to ask Joe Biden that question? CNN?

WATTERS: No one.

PRAGER: “The New York Times”? Who is going to ask him that?

WATTERS: They’re going to ask him what flavor ice cream he is getting.

PRAGER: Yes, that’s right. What’s your favorite flavor?

WATTERS: Oh, God. All right, Dennis. I don’t even know what to say. It’s sad. And, you know, it could work.

I mean, they could drag this guy over the finish line, this corrupt guy, and he could survive this. I just — I don’t see it happening in my heart and my gut.

PRAGER: The key lesson, if people understand, the truth is not a left-wing value, but it is a liberal value and a conservative value, something good will come out of this.

WATTERS: Right. You know, some middle manager in Iowa can say something mean on Facebook, and CNN is at her doorstep, turning her little life upside down in 24 hours, but they can’t pick up the phone to the guy’s e- mail address on the e-mails from the laptop and say, hey, is this you? And the guy says, yes, it’s me. They’ve confirmed it.

PRAGER: Just remember —

WATTERS: That’s what pops did.

PRAGER: People should just know, their kids in school are learning the 1619 lie of “The New York Times” which won a Pulitzer Prize, that America was founded in 1619, not 1776. And its whole purpose of founding was to protect slavery. That is what your children are learning. It was created by “The New York Times,” and it is a lie.

WATTERS: No wonder they are tearing down Columbus statue. All right, Dennis Prager, I’ve got to run. Prager University.

PRAGER: Thank you, Jesse.

WATTERS: Everybody knows what that is. Thank you.

PRAGER: Thank you.

WATTERS: Just moments from now, President Trump taking the stage in Wisconsin. We’ll bring it to you when he is there.


WATTERS: President Trump about to hold a rally in Wisconsin. A huge crowd,

10,000 strong moments from now. One thing he is sure to mention, Joe Biden’s bombshell promise at the debate, to get rid of the oil industry.


BIDEN: To have a transition from their oil industry, yes.

TRUMP: Oh that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: That is a big statement. Because I would stop —

WELKER: Why would you do that?

BIDEN: Because the oil industry pollutes significantly. Here’s the deal —

TRUMP: But that’s a big statement.

BIDEN: Well, if you let me finish the statement, because it has to be replaced by renewable energy over time — over time — and I’d stop giving to the oil industry, I’d stop giving them Federal subsidies.

WELKER: We have one final question —

TRUMP: That’s maybe the biggest statement in terms of business. That’s the biggest statement.

WELKER: Okay, we have one final question, Mr. President.

TRUMP: He is going to going to destroy the oil industry. Will you remember that, Texas? Will you remember that Pennsylvania? Oklahoma?


WATTERS: President Trump says Biden’s shocking admission could be one of the worst mistakes in presidential debate history.


TRUMP: That could be one of the worst mistakes made in presidential debate history. We’re going to see — we hope it is. This is perhaps the most shocking admission ever made during a debate where he goes in and he says no fracking, but he’s been saying it. No fracking. He got the nomination, and all of a sudden, he is fracking. No fossil fuels and no gas powered cars.

Ultimately, let’s not have cars. Let’s get rid of airplanes.


WATTERS: Now, the Biden campaign trying to walk it back, saying he wouldn’t do it and I don’t know, he is trying to clean it up. Almost impossible to do after something like that when 65 million people saw it.

Let’s bring in host of “The Dana Show” Dana Loesch who lives in the Great State of Texas. Wow. Two Texans on, on the same hour: Ted Cruz, Dana Loesch. Oil, very important. I don’t know. This guy, they have been trying to say I’m not a socialist. I’m Joe for the entire general election. Then he says he wants to get rid of oil. Good job, Joe.

DANA LOESCH, HOST, “THE DANA SHOW”: Yes, he did great. Jesse, thanks for having me. And yes, the great Republic of Texas, we are just Texifying WATTERS’ WORLD tonight.

And that is Joe Biden is his own worst enemy and President Trump was smart.

He just kind of sat back and let Biden create his rhetorical news, so to speak there and walk himself into this. And it is incredibly damning.

I mean, you have like, what? A week and a half now of ads that can be used against Joe Biden. He spent — think about this, and you mentioned this earlier, Jesse, on your show, he called a lid and spent all last week, reportedly preparing for this debate. He prepared for that moment?

Really? I mean, you can’t — it took you that long and you still can’t even come to a decision as to where you stand on fracking? I mean, for crying out loud.

WATTERS: You could also — you could see the color come out of his face after he said it and the President certain to drill down on — yes, and the fracking, too. You brought up the fracking.

Trump is already on air in Pennsylvania hammering Joe for the no fracking thing. He said no fracking about a half dozen times and now, he is saying he is for fracking.

He doesn’t know what he is for. He is for whatever AOC wants him to say or whatever he thinks he needs to say to get elected. You’ve got 30 seconds.

Go ahead.

LOESCH: Oh, I think he forgot already, but — and when he says that he is not into banning fracking, he is lying because he can still do it on Federal land and he can regulate it to death as it relates to private enterprise, too.

So Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, nobody should believe this man when he says that. He is lying.

WATTERS: That’s him. He’s a liar and he is corrupt. And also a plagiarist.


WATTERS: There she is, Dana Loesch. Thanks for joining WATTERS’ WORLD.

LOESCH: Good to see you, Jesse.

WATTERS: President Trump takes the stage shortly, momentarily.


WATTERS: The President is about to speak to a very big crowd in Wisconsin.

Let’s just recap here how the day went for the two campaigns.

Joe Biden lost his temper and started yelling at supporters, admitted to committing voter fraud accidentally. Kamala Harris doesn’t even know what city she is in and the President did three rallies in three battleground states.

I’m Watters. This is my world.

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