Trump trades jabs with Obama, Biden as all three hit campaign trail

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Donald Trump speaks to the crowd at a campaign event in Newtown, Pennsylvania today. EPA

President Trump attacked his Democratic rival Joe Biden as part of a “corrupt political class” at a Pennsylvania campaign stop Saturday — while Biden and his former boss, President Barack Obama, double-teamed Trump at a Michigan rally, their first in-person campaign appearance together.

“Everyone knows that Joe Biden is not equipped to lead America,” Trump told a crowd of supporters at Keith House in Bucks County, the colonial farmhouse where George Washington planned his famous crossing of the Delaware in 1776.

He pooh-poohed the news that his predecessor was hitting the trail this weekend.

“I said that’s good, he campaigned for Hillary,” Trump snarked. “How did that work out?”

Obama, at an invitation-only drive-in rally in Flint, mocked Trump’s fondness for huge campaign events as Election Day nears.

“What is his obsession, by the way, with crowd size?” he asked a modest group of supporters seated in their vehicles, who honked their car horns in approval.

“This is the one measure he has of success,” Obama said. “Did no one come to his birthday party when he was a kid? Is he traumatized?”

“Our country is going through a pandemic!” he added. “That’s not what you’re supposed to be worried about.”

A Trump supporter at the rally today.


Supporters listen in their cars to Barack Obama and Joe Biden speak in Flint, Michigan today.

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Michigan, which Trump won by just 11,000 votes in 2016, is one of Biden’s top Election Day targets – and despite a 7-point lead in the state, according to RealClearPolitics, he hauled out his top surrogate Saturday to try to clinch it.

The duo’s visits to Flint and to Detroit, the state’s largest African American strongholds, reflect nervousness among some Democrats that Trump has made inroads among black voters – whose early-voting turnout has been low.

“The Biden campaign is worried that the Trump campaign will peel off some of the African-American vote,” a senior Democratic Party insider told The Post. “They may peel off more than logic should allow.”

Both Biden and Obama focused heavily on coronavirus, accusing Trump of mishandling a pandemic that is blamed for nearly 230,000 deaths.

“His closing argument this week is that the press and people are too focused on COVID,” Obama said. “‘COVID, COVID, COVID,’ he’s complaining. He’s jealous of COVID’s media coverage!”

“Imagine where we’d be if we had a president who wore a mask instead of mocking it,” Biden said in a heated 22-minute speech. “What makes it go away is if he goes away.”

Trump argued that Biden’s support for lockdowns and school closures to combat the disease are untenable.

“That’s his only plan, make you a prisoner of your home, a prisoner in your own country,” he said. “A child in a classroom cannot be replaced by a computer.”

“This is no future for American youth,” he said. “Draconian lockdowns do not stop the virus.”

Biden also waxed nostalgic about the Obama presidency.

“Kind of reminds you of how good it can be, listening to him, doesn’t it?” he asked as he came to the podium after Obama introduced him.

He touched only briefly on Trump’s accusations of corruption against him and son Hunter Biden.

“Eight years without one single trace of scandal,” he said of the Obama-Biden administration. “It’s going to be nice to return to that.”

Barack Obama introducing Joe Biden at their rally in Flint today.


Joe Biden speaking in Flint, Michigan today.


Barack Obama speaking in Flint, Michigan today.

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