TransMedia Group to Show Why 24K Gold Jewelry by Laurea Is Mindful Extravagance That Can Be Part of Your Investment Portfolio

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BOCA RATON, Fla., Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Why shouldn’t the jewelry we wear and enjoy also be a smart investment, a chic piece of extravagance that is not only beautiful, but also has true intrinsic value and can appreciate with the market?

Well, now there is: Led by Founders Deryk Rhodes and Nicholas Whiteley, who have extensive experience in the financial sector, Laurea ( creates 24K Gold Jewelry For Mindful Extravagance and is now retaining TransMedia Group to tell the world how its beauty also can appreciate in value.

“Our publicity will call it ‘mindful extravagance,’ but it’s really pure, natural, raw 24K gold they’ve simply shaped into beautiful jewelry,” said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone.

“Laurea’s creations can become part of your investment portfolio as you pay by the gram for a hard asset forged into wearable, liquid luxury,” Co-Founder, Deryk Rhodes said.

TransMedia Group said it will arrange exposure on traditional and social media, both regionally and nationally, which will show how Laurea’s portfolio pricing, with the price of its jewelry is linked to the real-time price of gold.

“The more grams you purchase, the less you’ll pay for each additional gram,” commented Co-Founder Nicholas Whiteley.

“Liquid and tradeable pieces allow for tracking within your portfolio. They can build your wealth as you build your collection, and nothing is more luxurious than pure gold,” Whiteley added.

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