To invest locally or offshore? That really isn't the question

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As a local investor who has faced a bumpy 2020 in financial terms, you may be looking to global markets to expand your investment horizons, with the hope of recouping some of the losses that you may have incurred in local markets this year.

Before your move your money offshore though, take a moment as Francis Marais, Head of Glacier Research weighs in and reminds us that offshore investing is not an end in itself. It forms part of an investment portfolio that has your needs and circumstances at its centre.

Uncertainty is not unique to South Africa

One should realise that currently uncertainty and economic headwinds are a global phenomenon, says Francis. However, South Africa does face some of its own unique challenges. The open secret to investment success is healthy broad-based exposure to as many opportunities and as much potential growth as possible. This certainly entails some exposure to offshore assets, perhaps even a significant portion of your investment.

It’s about you