Trump Will Have 'Landslide Victory', 2 White House Execs Predict

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  • Lara Trump and Kayleigh McEnany believe the president will win against Biden
  • Exit polls show a vast majority of voters have already made up their minds ahead of Election Day
  • Most voters said the US economy was a decisive issue in how they voted

White House top officials predict that President Donald Trump will have a “landslide victory” against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as polls begin to close across the nation. 

Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law and senior adviser, and Kayleigh McEnany, the president’s press secretary, appeared on Fox News on Tuesday, where they said they believe Trump will decisively beat Biden.

“People have not been talking to pollsters, and we think it’s going to be a landslide victory and we aren’t even going to need to take this into further days,” Lara said. 

“I am predicting now we win Nevada, we win Minnesota. I do believe the president has a landslide and this talk of litigation is nothing,” McEnany said

While election forecasts indicate that the president has a likely chance of being re-elected, it is unlikely that he will win with a wide margin. It is also unlikely that he will win with 306 electoral college votes he earned in the 2016 election as polls in crucial battleground states showed him trailing behind his Democratic opponent. 

Their statements come as early exit polls showed that 93% of voters have already made up their minds ahead of Election Day. In comparison, only 4% said they only decided on a presidential candidate over the past week, Politico reports.  

A majority of Trump voters said they supported the president, while 14% said they were voting against Biden.

Three in ten Biden voters said they were voting against Trump, while two-thirds said they chose to vote for the Democratic challenger out of enthusiasm for him. 

A majority of voters have cited three top issues that helped them identify who to vote for president, including the U.S. economy, the coronavirus pandemic, and racial injustice, NBC News reported. 

According to the survey, most voters said the economy was a decisive issue in how they cast their ballots. Twenty-one percent cited racial inequality as the top issue, while 18% said the coronavirus pandemic was a top priority. 

Trump supporters were more likely to focus on the U.S. economy and law and order as essential issues in why they voted for the president. Biden supporters were more likely to cite the COVID-19 health crisis and racial injustice. The poll surveyed early and Election Day voters. 

Americans finally vote to choose between four more years of President Donald Trump or his challenger, Democrat Joe Biden Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON