Gingrich: Election 'corruption' is beginning of Trump's second term

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INGRAHAM: I’m Laura Ingraham of THE INGRAHAM ANGLE from D.C.

tonight. At this hour, results still outstanding in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada, is the fix already in. And we’re going to get into that. As it stands, the president leads in three of those four states, but in Pennsylvania, that lead continues to shrink. Newt Gingrich, Mollie Hemingway, Tom Bevan have reaction and analysis of all of it. But first, the blue wave fizzles. That’s the focus of tonight’s ANGLE.

Now, I know a lot of conservatives are in a lot of distress, and I don’t blame you about what they’ve seen over the past 24 hours. Heck, over the past 10 months, the propagandistic media, the lies, the smears against this president and a swirl of controversy surrounding what we just talked about with Sean, the mail-in-ballots.

But the fact is, with this populist conservative message of Donald Trump, Republicans managed to flip at least seven seats in the House. And it looks like they’re going to hold on to the Senate. So, whatever happens with the presidential race and we want every legal vote counted, I think there are some main takeaways, these are mine. I want to get to them.

Number one, the GOP outperformed, and the experts failed miserably. Now I’m talking about all the fat cat consultants and the pollsters who cashed in yet crashed spectacularly. Now, I’ve been telling you all along that the people who are neither experts nor trustworthy somehow get all this airtime. They should all go into another line of work, however, and we should not give most of them the time of day ever again. I think a flashback is in order, don’t you?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Texas has gotten a little toss up over the last couple of days.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Susan Collins up in Maine, she’s in deep trouble right now.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joni Ernst, who’s a close ally of Trump, is fighting for her political life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: South Carolina’s Senate seat is a tossup. This is something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There have actually been a fair number of complaints from Republicans when it comes to polling. What do you make of those?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They’re a bunch of B.S., to be perfectly honest.


INGRAHAM: Really, a bunch of B.S. Liberal big donors poured more than $300 million into defeating Senators Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins and Mitch McConnell, Ernst won by six and the others all won by double- digits. Think about that. So, the billionaires and all the big bankers backing these Democrats, they don’t know the country outside their own liberal metropolitan areas. They don’t know it at all.

Republicans did much, much better than nearly every expert predicted, but no group, I think, failed as spectacularly as the grifters at The Lincoln Project. They’re all supposedly former Republicans, all of them hacks funded by wealthy liberals. They didn’t move a single vote away from Donald Trump.

Trump garnered 63 million votes in 2016 and already close to 68 million, despite enduring years of attack. So, 68 million votes in 2020. Yet the media slavishly elevated these hateful people from The Lincoln Project.

Now, David Brooks, no Trump fan was exactly right today. He tweeted, our job in the media is to capture reality so that when reality voices itself like last night, people aren’t surprised. Pretty massive failure. We’re still not good at capturing the right word half of the country and it is half the country. Kudos to Brooks for admitting that.

Now, the hundreds of millions shoved into feudal Senate and House campaigns, hundreds of millions of dollars, worked out great for the political ad. Remember, they always make 20 percent. But how did that work out for the Democrats? Well, it’s unreal that the Dems fell for these frauds again and again.

Number two, the president is still fighting for every legal vote and for a fair process. Now, last night, I spoke to the president directly and personally about this, and he is committed to ensuring that there has been a complete and accurate account of each legal vote in each state that hangs in the balance. So, all day long and late last night, the media, of course, they were itching to declare a Trump win, a numerical impossibility.

So, in other words, that can never happen. Now, it might be the case that Donald Trump ends up losing. It might be. But conservatives were rightly irate last night at how slowly Trump’s wins were declared in states like Florida and Texas by the media. I share that frustration and I trust that the Trump campaign and his lawyers will do the right thing in all of these challenges.

The president was right when he questioned mail-in-ballots all those months ago. They undermined the public’s faith in the result because of this late counting. And what we know tonight, looking at what’s going on in Philadelphia, does it remind you of what happened in Palm Beach County back in 2000? I don’t know. Maybe it’s all 100 percent buttoned up, but we’re the world’s leading democracy and we can’t declare a victor on election night that is absurd and it’s toxic.

Number three, the Democrats extremely fragile coalition. Now, it may seem like things are all coming up roses right now for Joe Biden. Oh, don’t you want to be Joe Biden? But that’s a facile analysis. The Democrats coalition is not sustainable. It consists of hard left progressives, plus the multinational corporations who want to ship your jobs overseas.

Now, the squad won last night, and they won easily, Pressley, Ocasio- Cortez, Tlaib and Omar. Do you think, by the way, that they’re going to be content with the donors who push against more COVID lockdowns? With compromise with the Republicans in the Senate, I think they’re going to be all on board with that. Not likely.

Meanwhile, in this election, Republicans demonstrated that they have a fantastic and increasingly diverse base of supporters. Trump lost Star County, which is the most Hispanic county in the whole country, by 60 points in 2016. He’s only down five points this time around. That’s a 55- point improvement.

In the neighboring Zapata County, he won by five points. Hillary won that county by 33 points in 2016. Do the math there. 38-point swing toward Donald Trump. And it wasn’t just Texas. Trump won more non-white votes than any GOP presidential candidate. Wait for it, in 60 years. They’ve called him a racist. Remember, they called him a xenophobe, anti-Latino didn’t work.

I said last night that the model is Florida made that point about 10, 30 last night where Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, they’ve built a dynamic coalition with a conservative populist message that’s anti-China and pro-worker. They brought in farmers and suburbanites together with Hispanic voters. Now, the question is how to expand this and replicate it up, up and down the East Coast and then across the nation.

From this day forward, Republicans need to focus on building a 50-state coalition no more starting in the hole with all of New England, California, and New York. No, no, no. The campaign for 2022 starts now.

Number four. Whatever happens, Donald Trump is the current and future leader of the Republican Party, certainly at least until someone else comes along with his stamina, charisma, and drive. No one else could have done what he’s done, he’s taken the ideas of economic populism and demonstrated in practice that they work, they raise up wages, they bring more prosperity and certainly worked on the peace front.

It would have been a lot easier for him to sell us all out to Wall Street, but he refused to do that. And the crowds that turned out to see him, I met so many incredible patriots over the last few months, just remember this, you’re going to be able to tell your kids and your grandkids that at one point in time we had a president who fought for the little guy and they threw everything at him. And at the end of it, he still grew support for his movement.

In fact, he currently has 2 million more votes than Hillary got in 2016.

This year’s presidential election is still too close to call, not the outcome that the so-called experts anticipated, but they’ve been wrong a lot during these last four years, and I expect them to keep getting it wrong during the next four as well.

And during that time, we’re going to continue to spread President Trump’s message of fairness, freedom, and economic opportunity for average Americans. We’re going to stand up to the hard-left ideologues who despise this country and its people. We’re going to resist plutocrats who want to rig the economy in their favor and maybe even the elections. And we’re going to fight for our traditional values and defend our American heritage.

We’re an army of tens of millions of Americans, and we intend to take our ideas to every state in this country, and if we can continue to grow this movement and I believe we can and the Democrats bumble along with their current leadership, then four years from now, we’re not going to have to be sweating it out with recounts and legal challenges and mail-in-ballots.

We’re going to be celebrating a landslide victory. And that’s THE ANGLE.

All right. Joining me now is Tom Bevan, co-Founder, President, Real Clear Politics, Mollie Hemingway as well, senior editor at the Federalist and Fox News Contributor. Mollie, I think the media never got the story of this election right and the run up to it, and certainly not now as we await the final results. Your thoughts tonight?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, SENIOR EDITOR, THE FEDERALIST: Well, I was listening to what you said about David Brooks saying, golly, it seems like we as news organizations need to understand this right half of the country. And it is good, I guess, that he’s saying that at this point. But the last plausible time that you could say that news organizations needed to reflect on their failures or whatnot was in November 2016 when they learned this lesson that time, and they responded to this realization that they had completely failed in their coverage of that campaign and understanding the right half of the country by getting far, far worse.

So, I do not anticipate that they will get better. And the lead up to this election shows that I think that a lot of what they did was intentional.

These polls were off by such a great amount that it is and not all polls. I mean, the media polls were off, but there were a few pollsters who actually got things right, which shows that it was possible to look at this race accurately. But the media narrative that this was an impossible win for Donald Trump, that the Senate was going to the Democrats, that the Democrats would gain more seats in the House, that they would strengthen their majority.

Every single part of that was wrong and it’s demonstrably wrong. And I think it’s time for people to stop taking polls seriously, treat them like reading like they’re like reading goat entrails or tea leaves or something like that, because this is really fraudulent what they’ve done.

INGRAHAM: And Mollie and Tom, who knows how many votes were suppressed by all these false and fraudulent prognostications based on theories and algorithms that were never proven and never tested. So, I think, Mollie, maybe I was too charitable to David Brooks. Look, I’m trying to find something charitable to say about them.

Now, Tom, New York Times pollster Nate Cohn, I guess he took a shot at you.

Real Clear Politics tweeting one small casualty of this election, the Real Clear Politics average, RCP’s averages this cycle just haven’t been a fair average of the polling that’s out there. Tom, you had a perfect response.

New York Times, Siena rated an A plus pollster by 538 overestimated Biden’s support. My plus six in Florida, plus four in North Carolina, six-ish in Michigan, 10 in Wisconsin plus 10 in Iowa, plus nine in Ohio. Tom, why are these people still in the polling business?

TOM BEVAN, REAL CLEAR POLITICS CO-FOUNDER: Well, it’s a good question. I mean, there has to be accountability, right? You can’t just do make the same mistakes over and over again and expect to just walk away as if nothing happened. And Mollie’s right. There were two sets of pollsters out there. There were two different world views. There were the Trafalgar’s and Susquehanna and Insider Advantage that that saw this race is very close.

Saw Donald Trump’s support as very solid.

And another set of pollsters who saw this idea that it was a Biden blowout, that he was up, they misjudged the electorate and it was – and then you throw on top of that the media and the pundits, which made the same mistake they made in 2016, which was to ignore and marginalize the information and the data points that they didn’t agree with and glom on to all of the data points that fit into this preconceived narrative. And how many times do we hear this story?

Right. 2020 is not 2016, because Biden’s favorable ratings and because Trump’s the incumbent and because the COVID, 220,000 deaths. So, they had this preconceived narrative that Donald Trump could not win. And every data point that reinforced that is how we got to a point where the blue wave just never materialized.

INGRAHAM: Yes. I mean, guys, everyone in the country has to understand.

Everyone’s looking at the top line where Trump going to get the votes in Arizona or Pennsylvania. Obviously, that’s critically important. But we have a narrative that’s been building this country that’s been misleading the American public. From when we determine who wins a state to who’s the real racist in the country, who is the xenophobe, who is – and this has real electoral consequences, this is no joke here.

Mollie, this actually could affect the way states turn out with the final vote. If people are calling races at certain, who knows how it affects other people out west? We don’t know. So, I just think we have to have integrity in this vote and the process or what is it all worth in the end.

HEMINGWAY: Well, and we really need to think about how the media are the largest and most unaccountable political activists in the country. Yes.

Part of it deals with how they handle actual elections and voting and whatnot. But a lot of it is about the years leading up to it too.


HEMINGWAY: There are many ways that the media can rig an election by downplaying all of the negatives for their preferred candidate, by ignoring all of the positives of their disfavored candidate, of playing games with polls of inventing completely fraudulent narratives such as the Russia collusion hoax or anonymous, which was the thing that happened last week where we found out that the media claimed that there was this high level of saboteur inside the Trump administration and it was completely false. All of these things are ways of rigging elections.

INGRAHAM: Well, Bevan, I’m glad you got the shot back in there tonight too.

I mean, come on. People are pointing the fingers in the wrong way, in the wrong direction when accountability, Tom, you’re right as necessary. We hope we get it, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Thanks so much to both of you.

And still no winner called in several key battleground states. And big vote dump still happening at this hour. So, what are we still waiting on? Fox News’s Bill Hemmer, anchor Bill Hemmer reports standing by at the election billboard to walk us through it all.

BILL HEMMER, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Laura. Good evening. Nice to be with you, Laura. Good evening to you. We’re getting this stuff in real time so it can change on the can change on the fly. Why don’t we see at the moment Biden is at 264, you know that Trump’s at 214? So just going to give you a little run on the map here and we’ll see where we are as we come up on the 10:30 East Coast hour.

We’re watching Arizona here. This hasn’t changed over the last hour. We got to dump Laura 9 o’clock East Coast time and there’s nothing really been changed since then. We’ll get in another dump around midnight tonight. So, this could change yet again. The president’s last margin got him within

79,000 votes of Joe Biden in Arizona. We’ll see Maricopa County or Phoenix.

It’s a big area here that’s going to bring us a lot of data here throughout the night into tomorrow morning as well.

Nevada, no more votes tonight. They will announce tomorrow at noon Eastern, their next batch of ballots. Laura, right now, you’ve got Joe Biden lead of

8000 votes on Donald Trump in Nevada. It’s that tight. I would encourage all of our viewers, whether you’re on the West Coast tonight at 9 AM tomorrow, or on the East Coast at noon. Check us out. We’ll let you know when the next ballots come there and when they – sort of where they break.

Georgia now, I’ve been watching this, Laura, last couple of hours now. We went less than a point advantage for Trump over Biden, it has dropped two- tenths of a point just over the last 90 minutes. I’m not quite sure where that votes coming from, but it’s something to watch here as we get just about 2 percent outstanding in Georgia.

North Carolina, or I haven’t seen this thing move in 24 hours. It’s still

94 percent of the vote coming in. And Republicans feel very good about holding North Carolina.

Pennsylvania, just watching this. You’re probably going to go to bed tonight, 14 percent outstanding vote. We’ll see where we go tomorrow. But about a three-point advantage now for the president in Pennsylvania. We’ll see which way that breaks tomorrow morning.

I think this is kind of an interesting story, Laura, it hasn’t really been talked about a lot, balance of power in the Senate. How is this breaking down? I can show you that it’s very tight and it’s very interesting too.

You’re at 48 Democrat, 48 Republican and North Carolina tonight, Thom Tillis continues to hang on to a two-point lead in that race in the Tar Heel State. You know how much we talked about that with Cal Cunningham.

In Georgia, you’ve got two Senate races here. Here’s one of them. David Perdue needs to keep this above 50.0 percent and he avoids a runoff. At the moment, he’s hanging on a two-tenths of a vote there in Georgia. Why is that important? Because the other Senate race for sure, is headed for a runoff on the 5th of January.

And Laura, I tell you, over the next two months, 60 days, there will not be a race in America that people will give more focus on than that one in Georgia. I’d venture to guess with the balance of power perhaps hanging out there in the U.S. Senate in early January. Dan Sullivan looks to be a winner in Alaska. Haven’t called it yet, but he’s got an easy, comfortable margin there out in Alaska. But sorry. So, I’ve mis-punched here my apologies right now.

This one, Laura, I bet you right now a buck, that is the most expensive Senate race in the history of American politics, right, because you’re going to be 51, 48 perhaps after the night tonight, favor Republicans. So, it’s going to be right on that knife’s edge going into the new year and January.

INGRAHAM: Well, Bill, I think another thing is you can bet that President Trump is going to be down there rallying and campaigning for her, they’ll be big Trump rallies probably from now until through 2022 at the very least, regardless of what happened.

HEMMER; Nice to see.

INGRAHAM: Bill, fascinating. I know you’re up all night and thank you so much for joining us. You did a great job last night.

HEMMER: Thanks.

INGRAHAM: All right. President Trump’s resounding victory in Florida last night was only possible because of the incredibly diverse and committed coalition that he managed to attract. This included Latinos, African Americans, and women. It’s a broad base of support that many see as the future of the GOP. I raised this issue last night.

Joining me now is one of the leaders of that coalition, new GOP star Maria Elvira Salazar, Congresswoman-elect Florida’s 27th. She just unseated incumbent Democrat, former Clinton Cabinet member Donna Shalala.

Congresswoman-elect, what about the America first agenda? And why is it actually attracting so many Hispanics, Congresswoman-elect Salazar?

REP. ELECT MARIA SALAZAR (R-FL): Well, because – thank you, Laura, for having me, because we have the same values that are entrenched in the GOP, we’re law abiding, God fearing, family oriented. We love and we have gratitude for this country. And fighting socialism is one of the most important points in the agenda and enjoying the American dream. And we know the great economy we had in March and April of this year. And that’s what Hispanics want.

And I’m very happy that you are doing this segment because I think it’s about time for the GOP to understand that we want to be part of the family, that we want to be invited into the party. And this is the right time to do this. And I want to be one of those voices at the table and the Republican Party, explaining to them how important my group of people is. We’re talking about the largest minority in the country. We’re talking about 60 million people, the more than 20 percent of the population. So, we’re happy that that we came forward and that now we are being paid attention to more than ever.

INGRAHAM: And Congresswoman-elect, I look forward to seeing this coalition of voters that you represent and that Congresswoman – Governor DeSantis represented replicated all across this country. We are thrilled with your election and we look forward to watching your career in the coming weeks, months and years and come back with us soon, would you?

SALAZAR: Sure. Absolutely. We’d love to talk to you and to talk to your audience, because it’s a fantastic time for the Hispanics in the United States.

INGRAHAM: All right, Congresswoman-elect, thank you so much. And coming up, the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We’ll give you the update.


INGRAHAM: The Trump campaign is rightly challenging a bevy of voting irregularities in key battleground states. The campaign has filed suits in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to stop vote counting in those states.

And they also pledged to call for a recount in Wisconsin. For the latest on these challenges, we go to two lawyers involved in the fight, Harmeet Dhillon, Civil Rights Attorney and Lawyers for Trump National Co-Chair, and Philip Kline, former Kansas AG, and Director of the Amistad Project.

Harmeet, take the audience through the process and what you all hope to achieve, because I think people are very confused about specifically what’s happening in Pennsylvania, Harmeet.

HARMEET DHILLON, LAWYERS FOR TRUMP NATIONAL CO-CHAIR: Sure. Well, at a high level, we’re still counting the votes in many states because of the COVID related extended return periods in some states and in some states have just changed their laws to allow people to turn in their ballots or the ballots to be received several days after. That’s what’s happening in Pennsylvania, although it’s disputed.

And the United States Supreme Court actually, just tonight, right before your show started, asked the Democrats, asked the state of Pennsylvania to respond to the president’s attempt to intervene in that pending lawsuit about the three-day lag period.

But in other states, we’re talking about challenging the fact that Republicans have not been allowed to monitor the canvass and see whether, for example, signatures match, whether things are postmarked correctly, et cetera. And then there are other changes that the Democrats are trying to do. Like in Pennsylvania, another lawsuit has been filed concerning the secretary of state’s ignoring state law and allowing people to have three more days to prove their voter ID, if they’re first time voters.

And so, this thing about making laws up on the fly is really what is the basis of a lot of these challenges, as well as basic blocking of fundamental constitutional right of the parties to monitor the authenticity of the canvass.

INGRAHAM: The outlet 538 tweeted this earlier tonight, fell two more batches. I love this. Batches of Pennsylvania votes were reported, 23,277 votes in Philly all for Biden

Phillip, so Trump got zero votes? What?

PHILLIP KLINE, DIRECTOR, THE AMISTAD PROJECT:  In any other year that would be unacceptable. But this is unprecedented what is happening, Laura. We have massive, private big tech money that poured through government election offices to impact and alter the election. And this include Philadelphia, Zuckerberg money actually paying the salaries of the election judges.

In Pennsylvania also we now have clerks and county commissioners coming forward and blowing the whistle on the late minute change that Harmeet was speaking about that allowed Democrat ballots to be handled differently than Republican ballots. And in Michigan, right down in Detroit, we have a Democrat election clerk hiring Democrat officials to actually fill out and complete the ballots for other people without Republicans being present to ensure that that was done with integrity and validity.

And all together this impacts tens of thousands of ballots, and what we have right now nationally is you have certain people running up to the line of scrimmage to try to spike the ball before any gets a replay look to make sure that the election fair. And I’ll tell you what, the bedrock of this nation is that we are all equal before the law, and that means all of our votes should be treated equally and with respect. And we will not get that unless we take this second look.

INGRAHAM:  I want to get up and applaud that. Thank you for that, Phil.

Harmeet, we had the governor of Pennsylvania clearly feeling the heat about this process in Pennsylvania. So Governor Wolf responded to all these claims. He spoke out as well as the Pennsylvania secretary of state. Watch.


GOV. TOM WOLF, (D-PA) PENNSYLVANIA:  We have seen efforts across the country to undermine this election and to block the counting of votes.

These attempts to subvert the democratic process are simply disgraceful.

I’m going to fight like hell to protect the vote of every Pennsylvanian.

KATHY BOOCKVAR, PENNSYLVANIA SECRETARY OF STATE:  When Governor Wolf was talking about how much we cherish and will fight for every voter’s right to vote, I think about the suffragettes.


INGRAHAM:  She thinks about the suffragettes. Nice try, nice try. Nice way to wrap yourself up in women’s right, OK.

HARMEET DHILLON, ATTORNEY:  Laura, every time you see Democrats jumping up and down and talking about the Constitution and the rights of people, they are gaslighting, because it is they who are blocking the right of American citizens to witness what is what’s happening. They have bicycle barriers that are keeping our election observers in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia 30 feet away. From 30 feet away, how can you see whether signatures are being properly tabulated, what is happening with these things, have they been filled out correctly? You can’t. And that’s a feature, not a bug.

The same type of thing is happening in Detroit. The election workers are actually putting up physical barriers and cardboard to block the view of observers. And so this is disgusting. And if you just switched the parties and it was Republicans trying to block the Democrats, you’d have the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the NAACP —

INGRAHAM:  Hold on. One question to Phil. One question to Phil. Phil, if the roles were reversed here and you had 23,000 votes, 100 percent of a dump went for Trump, OK, and that rhymes, what would the Democrats be saying?

KLINE:  I don’t have to answer this question. You know the answer. We’d be in a whole different ballgame right now, and the media would be covering this much, much differently. There are serious questions that need to be investigations about the operation of this election for several reasons.

INGRAHAM:  John Roberts at the U.S. Supreme Court, it is a shock what he did in not taking that case to save this country from hurting the integrity of this election process. We want all elections to be fair, every legal vote counted. Not ones that are illegitimate, legal votes.

Harmeet and Phillip, fantastic analysis, as always. Thank you so much.

And what are the historical implications of all this, and how has President Trump reshaped the GOP regardless of the outcome? Newt Gingrich tells us in moments.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Democrats in Washington are waking up to an abject disaster, and there is no way to explain this. Forget the White House for a second, if you can. But Republicans are going to net seats in the House of Representatives.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Not only is there no wave. It’s like a pond where you drop in a rock and there is no ripples.


INGRAHAM:  That was the media’s reaction when they realized the narrative that had been building and spinning this entire election was bunk.

Regardless of the outcome, my next guest says this election will be one for the history books with consequences to our country for years to come.

Joining me now, Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and author of “Trump and the American Future.” Newt, your overall thoughts of where we set tonight and why 150 years from now people are going to be studying this president, his accomplishments, and what they tried to do to him?

NEWT GINGRICH, (R) FORMER SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE:  I think, Laura, that we are at the beginning of the second presidential campaign of 2020. Just as Andrew Jackson responded to the corrupt bargain of 1824 by tearing apart the establishment and winning the presidency in 1828, just as Abraham Lincoln rejected the threats of the slave-owning Democrats and insisted on preserving the union in 1860, I think the millions and millions of Americans who went out to rallies, who formed boat parades, and Arizona formed a 96 mile long parade of Trump supporters, I think as they watch Joe Biden’s Democratic Party steal the election in Philadelphia, steal the election in Atlanta, steal the election in Milwaukee, I think the more information that comes out, the greater the rage is going to be.

And I think the idea that the corrupt Internet companies — Rush Limbaugh had four out of six of his tweets censored by the arrogant jerks in Silicon Valley who believe that they can dominate the American people. You go down item after item, I think this was the critical moment. This was the event when they knew they couldn’t beat Trump honestly. And therefore, I think you’re going to see an explosion of rage over the next few weeks, and you’re going to see this entire result overturned.

And in Atlanta, for example, they have actually kicked out the observers.

They have — the Democrats have hidden what they are doing. They are breaking the law in every possible way. And the correct answer is to say, fine, none of those votes count. If you are going to be corrupt and illegal, we don’t have to count your votes. And that means automatically in Pennsylvania, in Michigan, in Wisconsin, in Georgia, that Trump will carry every single state by a surprising margin.

INGRAHAM:  And Newt, how big of a mistake is it for the Democrats to have a burn it all down approach, to destroy the integrity of our election process with this mail-in, day-of registration efforts, counting after the election is over, dumping batches of votes a day, two days, maybe even three days after an election, and making a martyr out of Donald Trump. How powerful is Trump going to be? If they manage to succeed, how powerful is Donald Trump in the next two and four year periods?

GINGRICH:  President Trump is going to be forced by his own supporters and by the objective reality of the truth, the facts that are beginning to come out, he will be forced into a situation exactly like Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln. He either has to fight and protect America, or he has to surrender to corrupt sources, starting with the Biden family corruption spreading out to the corruption of the Democratic machines, going on to the corruption of places like the “New York Times.”

Let’s be clear. There is an extraordinarily corrupt overload of America trying to impose on the rest of us their view of what we should be allowed to do.

INGRAHAM:  People are going to take it. Newt, I think you captured it so well. People just are going to stand for this, and they’re going to make Trump more powerful, and this movement much more powerful. It’s a huge mistake.

GINGRICH:  That’s right. He will be bigger.

INGRAHAM:  Much bigger. Much bigger.

GINGRICH:  He’s going to come back bigger, much bigger.

INGRAHAM:  Newt, it’s great to see you tonight.

And still ahead, the real loser this election wasn’t Republicans or Democrats. You guess, it was the media. And if Biden wins, the last 24 hours paint a worrisome picture of his ability to governor. Raymond Arroyo explains it all, next.


INGRAHAM:  Time for our “Seen and Unseen” segment where we reveal the stories behind the headlines. Joining us with all the details, Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor, author of “The Spider who Saved Christmas.”

Raymond, Biden is now trying to act very presidential I see.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR:  Laura, this is part of the optics.

While states are being recounted, Biden is smartly trying to sound presidential, the healer of the nation — with mixed results.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  Yesterday once again proved that democracy is the heartbeat of this nation, just as it has been the heartbeat of this nation for two centuries.

When the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners. With all votes counted, we have won Wisconsin by 20,000 votes. Let me be clear, we are campaigning as the Democrats. But this will not be my victory alone or our victory alone.


ARROYO:  Teleprompter gaffes aside, Laura, the media adulation was immediate.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE:  Today he spoke with a presidential tone.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Joe Biden and Senator Harris, they have created a climate where they were confident enough to walk out there tonight and say, guys, we’ve got this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  His reason for running was, to give a speech like this, was in the hopes of being a potential president. The fact that he wants to have a book end is very interesting and very telling and very, very Joe Biden.


ARROYO:  Very Joe Biden, Laura. The reason he needed to be elected was to give this speech. This is why I say the big loser in this election will be the media. They took sides, they displayed very little curiosity, and they allowed Biden to really escape scrutiny. What speech were they watching?

This is the same confused speech Biden has been giving for months, urging unity while slandering Trump as a racist, a defamer of the military. And too many in the media, Laura, unquestionably carried water for him on these stories. They repeated them without challenge and without context. That was wrong. I hope we all do better in the days ahead.

INGRAHAM:  I don’t need to do any better. No, I’m just kidding.


INGRAHAM:  You can do better. Aren’t we always perfect? No, it’s a joke.

ARROYO:  We can always do better, Laura.

INGRAHAM:  It’s a joke.

The question of Biden’s mental fitness was never explored or reported by the media, Raymond, not at all.

ARROYO:  We were one of the only shows that actually covered Biden’s speeches at length. And Joe’s mental acuity was and should remain, I think, a legitimate question. If Trump had made this kind of speech last night, it would have been justifiably wall-to-wall coverage watch.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  It ain’t over until every vote is counted, every ballot is counted.

Hey, John, you are the gov. Yes, the whole team, man.

Keep the faith, guys. We are going to win this. Let’s walk over here.


ARROYO:  Laura, there are moments where he looks like he has dropped in unexpectedly to a new universe. I keep waiting for Rod Serling to show up to explain what’s actually going on here. This was Biden in Wilmington yesterday waxing nostalgic. Listen closely.


JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE:  I wanted to work on the east side because I knew, I played ball with a lot of great black athletes. But I knew — you know, I didn’t know them. We knew each other. We were friends, but I didn’t know them. And it was a great indication. It was like “The Green Mile,” you know, you’ve seen the movie?


ARROYO:  Yes, we have all seen it. It’s about two men on death row. The white man is a corrections officer. Was he Corn Pop’s correction officer? I can’t follow any of this or why it’s germane. But the media simply ignores this, Laura. If Biden becomes president, moments like this will demand scrutiny and attention. He is 78 years old, not a particularly snappy one.

He will be running the country, and everyone has to ask questions, is he up to the task? I’m not sure.

INGRAHAM:  They have been freaking out over this recount. And Trump is calling it out as a possible fraud.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  This could be a year of recounts really, with the snowflake.

Let’s make sure we count everything so that the president feels like he is really, really in charge.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  I missed the supreme ruler’s balcony speech in the middle of the night.

I wore this sweater, quid pro quo, which is an old sweater, to remind people that this president, who exists right now in that position, tried to steal the election and was impeached for it.

As soon as we know that Biden has won, we will take a sigh of relief.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE:  Does the president face an repercussions for what he just said.

This is why people are boarding up the stores.


ARROYO:  That montage, Laura, captures, I think the media narrative and how they abused in many cases these stories, didn’t delve deeply enough. But Joe Biden could well be the least scrutinized presidential candidate ever.

INGRAHAM:  We’ve got to roll. Raymond, thank you so much.

Up next, the Last Bite. It’s a video exchange.





INGRAHAM: A white man says all lives matter and Black Lives Matter pummels him with a bat. That’s Biden — Biden’s America. “FOX NEWS @ NIGHT” team take it all from here with Shannon Bream, next.

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