The Public Pulse: Thanks, veterans; Trump champions vital principles; GOP hysteria

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Thanks, veterans

Thank you very much to James Martin Davis for the well-written piece on veterans and their reluctance to speak about their war experiences. My uncle was a Marine in WW II. He said very little about his experience in the South Pacific until near the end of his life. Our good friend who was on a Navy river boat in Vietnam also did not share much. It’s good to share with those who would understand. We commoners need to respect their quiet.

I am grateful to every military person all the way back to my grandfather who fought in France in WWI. He taught us grand kids silly French songs but never said a word about the awfulness he witnessed.

God bless our military folks.

Carol Sanderhoff, Omaha

Trump champions vital principles

Is it unreasonable to believe in the U.S Constitution and all of its amendments? Is it unreasonable to believe in the separation of powers between the executive, legislature and judicial branches of government? Is it unreasonable to believe that all lives matter, including the unborn? Is it unreasonable to believe in capitalism with some regulation and not an overabundance of regulations that impede economic growth? Is it unreasonable to lower taxes for individuals and businesses to stimulate economic growth? Is it unreasonable to negotiate trade deals that benefit American workers and create new jobs?

Is it unreasonable to have a strong military to protect our country? Is it unreasonable to believe in law and order to protect and serve our communities? Is it unreasonable to protect our borders?

I think these beliefs are reasonable, and I will be voting for candidates that have these beliefs, and there are over 70 million American voters that have these beliefs to Keep America Great.

Pat Welch, Omaha

Politics and violence

A month ago I warned a person, who is very dear to me and liberal, to prepare for widespread violence if President Trump won reelection. I cited the riots and freeway closings that occurred with his initial election. She, who only utilizes and credits mainstream liberal news sources, sincerely assured me that the danger of violence was just as great if Biden should win. Who was right?

Beth Trimmell, Council Bluffs

Republican hysterics

The president-elect is blocked from using federal resources, Our president-elect is blocked from receiving daily security updates. This is unprecedented. A election fraud conspiracy is believed by 70% of Republicans. Our five federal congressmen and woman refuse to publicly accept (exception, Sasse) this nation’s most secure and fraud-free election in U.S. history. Why?

By not denying outlandish conspiracies, our members of Congress allow those lies to continue. This insults the intelligence of all Americans and demeans the integrity of the republican party. I demand honest government.

Keith Hentzen, Gretna

Mail-in ballots are sound idea

Having worked many elections here in Douglas County, I can assure you that we have mail in ballots perfected. Here, you must request a ballot to be sent to you, and then there are several safeguards in place to assure that the ballots returned are legitimate. As people discover how convenient and safe mail-in ballots are, I expect it to increase in future elections.

Now is the time for our state legislature to change the laws to allow mail in ballots to be processed before election day so that they can be counted in a more timely fashion. I can’t understand why any political party would object to making voting easier.

Rick Madej, Omaha