WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Bitcoin Gains Hold, Tech Pay Rates Expand, Hypnosis Gains Acceptance

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As part of our annual year-end coverage, WSJ Pro asks members of the private-equity community to share their thoughts on the past year and reflect on challenges and opportunities they see in 2021. Nishita Cummings, a managing partner for Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors’ growth-equity activities, said finding new investment opportunities this past year has been challenging, but we’ve found creative ways to leverage our network to source new opportunities. That hasn’t addressed the most interesting and rewarding part I’ve missed—meeting talented entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to get back to my tour of innovative cities across the country to talk with the incredibly passionate folks building great companies. There is no substitute for in-person interactions.

Below, some of the best analysis and insight from WSJ writers and columnists, the Dow Jones Newswires team and occasionally beyond, on investing, the wealth-management business and more.


Covid-19 Deals Different Hands for Family Finances: The Mallons have bought a second home. Melina Rodriguez’s work dried up, but she still had the wherewithal to start a new business. Maria Patton lost her job and now lives out of a car with her son.

Pandemic Reshapes U.S. Employment, Speeding Changes Across Industries: Economy has recouped 12 million of 22 million jobs lost in 2020, with uneven setbacks and recoveries in various sectors likely to outlast health crisis.


Bitcoin’s Rally Has Already Outlasted 2017’s Epic Run: Bitcoin approached $20,000 in 2017 and finally topped the mark in 2020. What drove the rallies, and what happened in the days following the peaks, show how much the market has changed in three years.


From Dow Jones Newswires

Investors continue to move money out of equities and into fixed income funds, says Bank of America, citing fund flow data from EPFR. “The lack of inflation and a slow [economic] recovery are favouring bonds over stocks,” a team of credit strategists at the bank says. Over the past couple of months inflows have been stronger in safer government bond funds as well as in riskier high-yield and emerging-market debt funds, which has come at the expense of high-grade bond funds, they say. (

Despite the U.K.-EU last-minute zero tariff and quota trade deal, U.K. firms that trade with the EU will face inevitable teething troubles, border delays and permanently higher administrative burdens and costs, says George Buckley, chief U.K. and euro area economist at Nomura. The deal is welcome relative to a no-deal outcome, though the consensus is that last week’s accord will reduce U.K. gross domestic product relative to where it would otherwise have been had the country remained in the EU. Brexit effects, however, may be difficult to discern in macroeconomic data given the impact of Covid-19 restrictions, he adds. (


These Tech Companies Are Paying Workers the Same Rates Across U.S.: A handful of startups and larger firms are experimenting with nationally competitive, nonlocalized pay. Is the extra cost worth the added employee goodwill?


Green Energy Will Need More Storage Space: As the rollout of wind and solar picks up speed, solutions to bridge their intermittency are likely to take off too.


Your 2021 Budget: Plan Ahead, but Not Too Far Ahead: Taking a smaller approach can help to illuminate some problem areas.


Alexa, Hypnotize Me: Hypnosis, now going virtual, is gaining more acceptance from doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs. But potential patients remain skeptical.


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