Breaking News: Meten EdtechX Introduces Dual-teacher Classroom Learning to Enhance ABC Junior ELT Business’ Long-term Competitive Advantage

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Meten EdtechX Education Group Ltd. (NASDAQ: METX) (“Meten EdtechX” or the “Company”), a leading omnichannel English language training (“ELT”) service provider in China, today announced that the Company has introduced dual-teacher classroom learning for ABC junior ELT business to enhance its competitive advantage. The dual-teacher classroom learning integrates the online and offline business, greatly improving the teaching quality of the foreign teachers and enhancing the learning experience of the students.

ABC junior ELT is an independent brand of Meten EdtechX, which focuses on providing junior ELT service for children aged three to 16. After the acquisition of ABC Education Group, a junior ELT service provider operating under the “ABC” brand in 2018, the Company has been constantly upgrading and optimizing its services and products. The business of ABC junior ELT has gradually matured, [and started to show the profitability.

To introduce the dual-teacher classroom, ABC junior ELT has set strict standards in terms of course content, electronic teaching aids, foreign teacher qualification certification and training, hardware equipment and classroom standardization, etc., whichcost approximately RMB20 million for launching dual-teacher classroom learning in the past half year. The Company has optimized the structure and functions of ABC junior ELT in the fourth quarter of 2020, which is expected to lower the cost of foreign language teaching for ABC junior ELT by approximately 25% on a year-on-year basis in 2021, significantly improving its operating efficiency.

Currently, there is still a large space for the development of the junior ELT training market in China and the penetration rate is expected to increase going forward. Relying on an extensive network of existing adult and junior ELT offline learning centers, Meten EdtechX will continue to explore high-end junior ELT training market in China, which may consolidate the long-term competitive advantages of the Company.

About Meten EdtechX

Meten EdtechX is a leading ELT service provider in China, delivering English language and future skills training for Chinese students and professionals. Through a sophisticated digital platform and nationwide network of learning centers, the Company provides its services under three industry-leading brands: Meten (adult and junior ELT services), ABC (primarily junior ELT services) and Likeshuo (online ELT). It offers superior teaching quality and student satisfaction, which are underpinned by cutting edge technology deployed across its business, including AI-driven centralized teaching and management systems that record and analyze learning processes in real time.

The Company is committed to improving the overall English language competence and competitiveness of the Chinese population to keep abreast of the rapid development of globalization. Its experienced management is focused on further developing its digital platform and expanding its network of learning centers to deliver a continually evolving service offerings to a growing number of students across China.

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