Impeachment managers to demonstrate Trump's 'lack of remorse' over Capitol riot – live

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The impeachment managers will conclude their prosecution of Donald Trump on Thursday, arguing that he is guilty of “the most grievous constitutional crime ever committed by the president” of the United States.

The managers on Thursday will focus on four areas, senior aides to the impeachment managers told reporters before the Senate convened. They will provide more evidence of Trump’s role in the lead up to and the aftermath of the attack; harm caused by the insurrectionists, not only including the physical injuries, as well as Trump’s “lack of remorse” and the relevant legal issues that apply to the case.

“The facts are clear. The case is strong. The evidence is overwhelming,” said an aide. “The Senate must convict and disqualify Donald Trump.”

The Democrats appeared confident in their presentation. Despite few indications that enough Republican senators will vote to convict Trump, an aide said they “remain convinced that that evidence has the power to change minds.”

Several of the aides worked on Trump’s first impeachment trial and said the tone and tenor of the senators, seated as jurors, is radically different.
“It’s really hard to think of a moment from the first trial where all 100 senators sat at attention and were as rapt and challenged by the evidence as we saw yesterday,” an aide said.

Asked to respond to criticism from Trump’s defense that the managers are simply “playing to the cameras” and appealing to senators’ still-raw emotions from the day, an aide replied that they wouldn’t “make any apologies for making a powerful visual presentation. That’s the job.”

Trump’s legal team is expected to launch its defense beginning on Friday. The team is not expected to use all 16 hours allotted to the parties under an agreement struck by the Senate leaders. Depending on whether the managers attempt to call witnesses, the trial could conclude as early as Sunday.