Swapnil Aggarwal’s VSRK Wealth Creator is the ultimate guide to meet financial goals

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When it comes to investments, one needs to be aware of the best investment plans and investment options in the financial market. To make the best financial dealings, several financial providers in India offer safe and sound services to the clients. Delhi-based company VSRK Wealth Creator is a leading name in India which was successfully incorporated in November 2013. Mr Swapnil Aggarwal, the director of VSRK Wealth Creator has been leading the company and has made it a prominent name among the best financial providers in India.

With an experience of almost a decade in mutual funds and the stock market, Mr Aggarwal has been a guiding angel for all those who want to do secured financial planning. The company provides various services to its clients and customers including fund management, tax planning services, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Corporate Deposits, Portfolio Management Services (PMS), Alternative Investment Fund (AIF), Structure Products and Pre-IPO/Unlisted Stocks. Besides controlling the optimum management of the assets, Mr Swapnil has been overlooking the company’s operations and growth in the market.

Moreover, the highly-qualified and skilled professionals certified by AMFI and IRDA at the company are the pioneers helping the customers in making the best financial decisions. Before taking over the company, Mr Swapnil Aggarwal led various initiations and understood how the company operates. Leading projects of a whopping amount under the guidance of VSRK Wealth Creator’s president late Shri R.K Aggarwal gave Mr Swapnil an exposure of making the best decisions for the company. Well, it was after the demise of Shri R.K Aggarwal, he took over the business, and in the last 2 years, the company has been performing exceptionally well.

Speaking about the functioning of VSRK Wealth Creator, Mr Swapnil said, “As a financial distributor, we provide the best financial assistance for a client’s wealth. The financial experts at the company take care of the client’s business goals, and it aims to help people and businesses grow their capital without taking any major financial risks.” Till date, the advisors at the company have created a profitable portfolio for all its clients. The company for its extraordinary work has won many accolades including the ‘Best Fund Management Firm’ for providing the top-notch financial services in India. Looking at its magnificent progress, there has been an upward trend of VSRK Wealth Creator, and it has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years.


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