High Return Real Estate Hires Operations Manager to Help with Expanding Investment Portfolio

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Indianapolis-based property investment company welcomes new manager with 20+ years in the local real estate market. She will help manage aggressive portfolio growth as well as investor education and acquisition/rehab of residential properties.

High Return Real Estate, an Indianapolis-based turnkey real estate investment company, boasts a rapidly growing investment portfolio as well as an advanced educational program for their investors. To help manage their growth, the company is welcoming a new operations manager with deep roots in the Indianapolis market.

Jeff Schechter, CEO and Co-founder of High Return Real Estate, said that he chose April Fitzgerald for her diverse background as a realtor and managing broker with over 20 years of experience in the Indianapolis residential market.

“She has a deep understanding of the market, and she has been in the trenches managing high-volume real estate for years,” said Schechter. “She also has a lot of experience with construction and property management, which makes her very well suited to manage acquisition and rehab of properties.”

April will also help the company grow their investor education program. With the realization that many of their property investors were missing out on income opportunities, High Return became the only company in the direct real estate investment arena to offer a comprehensive investment education program. Through the CashFlow+ program, High Return Real Estate investors are learning to take full advantage of lazy assets and borrowing power. The program pairs investors with cash-flow experts and tax strategists who help them cash in on lesser-known income opportunities and create systematic wealth.

High Return Real Estate believes that prosperity lies in the ability to create systematic wealth, and they help their clients plug into a process of peak efficiency with rental property investments. Their systems allow people to invest in property with minimum risks and maximum returns. High Return handles acquisitions, renovations and property management so that investors can enjoy powerful streams of passive income from real estate.

With a topsy-turvy financial market roiled by the pandemic and political turmoil, High Return is helping an influx of investors who are drawn to the stability of real estate.

“Real estate is a safe haven for investors because it is insulated from other market fluctuations,” said Schechter. “Real estate has outperformed the stock market 2:1 since 2000. There will always be those that love the high-risk investments, but we are seeing a lot of growth in our company powered by people who want the steady, strong track record of real estate.”

Schechter and co-founder Jack Gibson have honed their real estate investment processes by acquiring over 100+ turnkey properties that are producing some of the highest returns in residential real estate. Welcoming April to the team will help extend these proven processes to others looking for high-yield, headache-free investment opportunities. To learn more about High Return Real Estate, visit www.highreturnrealestate.com or call (317) 588-2929.

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High Return Real Estate provides a straightforward way to accelerate real wealth with real property. Known for their strategic turnkey real estate investing, the company aims to produce some of the highest returns in the real estate investing arena.

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