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ENTERPRISE, Ala., March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Network Marketing Icon Jim Gillhouse, best known as the founder and host of the popular radio show ACES Radio Live and one of the contributing authors of the book “It’s Time for Network Marketing, the most remarkable form of free enterprise ever created”, has announced that he is coming out of retirement; he has founded the Smart Wealth Investment Group LLC and has partnered with Tony Hubbard, Chris and Jacki Latin to build a Sound Money and Precious Metals Business Team.

Jim stated that not only does he see the Sound Money and Precious Metals Opportunity as an Opportunity Unlike Anything Else that has ever been offered, because every month that a person remains on the auto saver program, they are simply expanding their own net worth by diversifying their retirement portfolio instead of just consuming a product and/or service, which if not used only depreciates in value over time, they are also building a TEAM and Helping Others to do the same.

The system which the company has established is designed to make it much simpler for anyone to achieve success with a Home-Based Business, and this system is set up to help anyone who is willing to share and work this system to become successful quickly.

Systems Work… Most People Don’t.

Furthermore, Jim sites that… Systems create predictable results, while most people cannot duplicate themselves and/or the efforts which they are willing to put forth in order to achieve success.

One of Jim’s most powerful quotes is… “True Leadership is Not a Title, a Rank, or a Position… it is the ability to inspire people, By Earning Their Trust, Confidence, and by Empowering Them!”

More often than not by seeing more in them than they see in themselves.

To learn more about why Jim has made this decision, feel free to contact him directly at his number below.

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