Ruth Luenberger: Trump thank you column lacked facts

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Published: 3/30/2021 4:17:17 PM

In a recent guest column, a thank you to Donald Trump, contained false claims and misinformation. A fact check of some of these claims was informative. The first claim that the Islamic State group was defeated is false. It is true that Russian, Arab, Kurdish and American troops were able to significantly diminish the group’s presence in Syria and Iraq, but they continue to remain a threat globally with a network of cells on six continents.

The border crisis here in the U.S. has been a problem with multiple surges under both Republican and Democratic presidents. In Trump’s last year in office, a significant surge resulted in a crisis at the border. This resulted in the Trump administration expanding the catch-and-release policy, allowing for more immigrants to enter the country to await asylum hearings.

Former president Ronald Reagan oversaw the largest tax cut in U.S. history. Trump’s tax cut was the 12th largest, and benefits the richest people and corporations. This plan also created a $1.9 trillion deficit over the next 10 years.

Gas prices always fluctuate up and down, again due to a number of factors. This recent increase in gas prices began under Trump in May of 2020. Prices were higher than they are now in March 2018, April 2019 and August 2019. The economy had continued to do well under Trump until COVID-19. The reason is simply that Trump inherited a rebounding economy created by former President Barack Obama. Trump did not create a good economy; he continued to shepard its growth.

An analogy I’ve seen says it well. Trump is like a relief pitcher that comes in in the 9th inning with his team up 7 runs, then claims credit for the win. Unemployment was dropping under Obama and the workforce grew by 5.06 million, according to labor department numbers.

Warp Speed is a great slogan, but the reality is that the initial hands-off approach to the virus and the politicization of this pandemic has led to the U.S. being first in the world in deaths. Factually the credit for these vaccines goes to scientists all over the world who worked tirelessly to create a vaccine.

Ruth Luenberger