Georgia Elections Official Gabe Sterling Slams Biden For ‘Disgusting’ Call to Move MLB All-Star Game: ‘Economic Blackmail’

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Georgia elections official Gabe Sterling, a Republican who rose to national prominence after he publicly fought Donald Trump’s attempts to steal the 2020 election, took aim at President Joe Biden on Friday for his criticism of new voting laws in the Peach State.

Democrats have decried the new elections legislation signed into law by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp. Biden, who has misrepresented the laws, referred to them as “Jim Crow on steroids.” In an interview with ESPN, Biden said would “strongly support” Major League Baseball moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta, in protest of the legislation.

In an interview with The Dispatch, an “exasperated” Sterling slammed Biden for the boycott suggestion.

“I think it’s morally reprehensible and disgusting that he’s perpetuating economic blackmail over a lie,” Sterling said. “It’s a lie. This is no different than the lie of Trump saying there was voter fraud in this state. And the people who are going to be most hurt by [a boycott] are the workers in all of these places that are going to be impacted.”

Sterling told The Dispatch many of the suggestions made for new election laws in Georgia were the result of pressure from Republican voters who believe the election was stolen.

“[One] thing I don’t know if I could express to your readers enough … is in the Republican base, the level of anger, and fear, and sorrow, and despair,” he said.

“I can’t put into words the level that these elected representatives are dealing with,” he said. “And to a degree, we have a representative democracy for a reason: You respond to the fears and concerns of your voters.”

But many of the more restrictive suggestions didn’t make it into the final bill, which The Dispatch argues “actually expands voting access for most Georgians.”

“This is not a bill I think is the best bill in the whole world,” Sterling said, but he rejected criticism from Democrats that it was a racist effort to crack down on voting access: “All I think is it’s not ‘Jim Crow 2.0.’”

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