Trump peeled away Latino voters nationwide in 2020, a new analysis found.

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A post-mortem analysis of the 2020 election has found that Latino voters played a meaningful role in tipping the Senate and the presidency to the Democrats, but that former President Donald J. Trump’s concerted effort to peel away Latino support delivered significant results for him across the country — not just in certain geographic pockets.

Released Friday by the left-leaning research firm Equis Labs, the report found that certain demographics within the Hispanic electorate proved especially willing to embrace Mr. Trump as the 2020 campaign went on, including conservative Latino voters with only a slight engagement in politics.

By the end of the campaign, conservative Latinas had grown not only more supportive of Mr. Trump, but also markedly more motivated to participate in the election.

The study also found that within these groups, there was a shift toward Mr. Trump across the country, not just in areas like Miami or the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where the growth in Mr. Trump’s Latino support has been widely reported.

“In 2020, a segment of Latino voters demonstrated that they are more ‘swing’ than commonly assumed,” the report stated.

This helped Mr. Trump outperform his 2016 showing among all Latino voters, even as Joseph R. Biden Jr. won those voters by a decisive margin over all.

With the coronavirus pandemic and the related economic downturn taking center stage on the campaign trail, Equis Labs found that many Latino voters — particularly conservatives — focused more heavily on economic issues than they had four years earlier. This helped Mr. Trump, by putting the spotlight on an issue that was seen as one of his strong suits and by taking some of the focus off his anti-immigrant language.

As a result, the analysis found, conservative Latino voters who had been hanging back at the start of the campaign came around to supporting Mr. Trump in heavier numbers than liberal and moderate Latino voters came home for Mr. Biden.