These 10 high-profile Republicans who dumped Trump are mostly wary to back Biden's re-election. At least for now.

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Former Rep. Susan Molinari

Former US Rep. Susan Molinari called Trump “disappointing” in a videotaped address during the virtual Democratic National Convention in August 2020.
Handout/DNCC via Getty Images

Molinari, who represented New York’s Staten Island in the US House during the 1990s, said her Biden endorsement in 2020 wasn’t just about her “overwhelming concerns” about Trump. She endorsed Biden in large part because he is an “exceptional human being.” 

She isn’t eyeing any moderate Republicans to replace Biden, either.

“He’s obviously still early in the term but … he will still be that man of compassion and outreach and leadership in four years, so I don’t anticipate that anything will change,” Molinari, who was among four Republicans featured at the Democratic National Convention, said during a recent phone interview.

Asked whether she would endorse him in 2024, she said, “yes.”

Molinari credited Biden with assembling an “incredibly diverse cabinet,” prioritizing vaccinations and focusing on infrastructure, clean energy and building an experienced cybersecurity team. 

“I can’t comment on, you know, taxes, and all those things they have to work out, but … he clearly is moving quickly, and decisively and, you know, fulfilling a lot of the promises he made during the campaign,” she said.

Biden has proven himself, despite Trump’s critiques, to be “sharp” and “decisive.” (During the campaign, Trump tried to tag Biden with the nickname “Sleepy Joe.”)

“I don’t think there’s anything that anybody could point to and say, ‘Oh, he’s just way too old to do this,'” she said.