Rant and Rave: More Graham, more Biden, more Trump

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My grandkids got a lot of exercise, because for the Eater egg hunt we had to social distance the eggs. Yeah, this from the Columbia Yeah Guy.

I buy a candy bar at Circle K for $2.59. The same damn candy bar at Dollar General is $1.50. Can somebody explain to me why that is?

I haven’t attended the Master’s golf tournament, but I have eaten their egg salad sandwich. Yeah.

Something I remember is that, call me a liar, but didn’t the Nazi’s try to slow down the mail? Google that. But didn’t the Nazi’s try to slow down the mail, because after the election, my credit card bill took 20 days.

You know I never ever heard, anything, any spiel, any speech, from Mr. Madoff or watched him when he talked. But if you jump to our ex-president Mr. Trump, he was a good liar. Period. Declarative statement. He was a good liar. From everything from the COVID response to the economy to immigration, he was a good liar. Is a good liar. Still. (clears throat) Now, if you want an easy psychology lesson, watch this gentleman, from Wisconsin, Mr. Walker, you’ll see the other side of the coin. Trump is a good liar.

Well it’s April, it’s that time of year again. The annual city of Columbia taxicab inspection. That’s where the city inspects every single taxi cab and driver that operates in the city of Columbia. Then there’s the Uber Lyft inspection by the city of Columbia. Wait! There is no annual inspection of Uber or Lyft by the city of Columbia. What? Isn’t that amazing. And you want to talk about safety. Don’t you think it’s about time they had an annual inspection? Think about it people.

I just wanted to, is there a law in South Carolina against loud mufflers, I thought there was. They’re very disturbing and sometimes dangerous. Do you know? Thank you.

I just found out the truth through my scripture reading. I’m not Black, I’m sunkissed.

Hey you know if you read this article in the state paper form Deloris Mungo, who is the chair emeritus at the animal protection over at Harbison. She uses the word homeless nine times in this article. Two words that come to mind is she has disdain and enmity, E-N-M-I-T-Y. We did really good in English, all this stuff. Days gone by. Enmity, that just jumps out. Some people just need a helping hand, a lot of people in America need a helping hand right now.

Kevin Fisher. I guess we’re all supposed to have representation on the board by race, according to your article. So tell me Kevin. How many Indians should we have on there? How many Asian-Americans? How many gypsies? I mean how many handicap people. I mean we should have one representation of all. Right? Or do you go for the best qualified. It’s a shame to see somebody sliding back on something so stupid as to look at percentages to decide on something where you’re looking for the best minds.

Yo man, the Big Mo is the big p#!sy. Them b#!ches are staying so locked down, it’s crazy. Everybody else is open, been open. I ain’t ever seen something like it. I don’t know, you might not print that, but you ought to.

Today is Taco Tuuueeessssday.

The class clown heard that Joe Biden was renaming his pet from Champ to Chomp.

Yes, good afternoon. I got so much on my mind since the phone line was busy, all the messages was overloaded. Alright uh someone was saying why Dawn Staley don’t have any extra players on her team of other colors but when she first got there all of them transferred because of the parents. So think about that. Different things to talk about, but I’ll call back another time.

Let’s start a GoFundMe page for Sen. Dick Harpootlian so he can move to a new neighborhood. His personal, self-serving crusade against Five Points bars is a new low, even for him.

To the admitted Socialist. That’s our money that shouldn’t have been taken in the first place. Stimulus check my ass! We put OUR money in the SS program which then gets returned to us hopefully at a certain age. THIS ISN’T CANADA! Stop trying to Canada this country. Go there if you think it’s so great. DAMN!

To the person who thinks POTUS did a great job during his press conference. Are you serious? He can barely read a teleprompter much less speak on his own. Listening to him is excruciating. He’s a colossal embarrassment. I would say thanks a lot for voting him in. (Sarcasm) But anyone with half a brain knows there was cheating. No way he got more votes than Obama & Hilary. Not to mention running a campaign from his basement. Yeah. Ok. SMDH.

Gov. McMaster gave himself an “A” for his handling of the Covid pandemic. 150 Nations each had less total deaths than SC. 8,000+ dead? And you’re pro-life? Murderer! Their blood is on your hands!

This man gets it!! Said politicians are the main source of this countries division. Division between rich and poor as well as black and white. Vote for Charles in 2024.

Why are people who donated to Trump’s re-election campaign feeling cheated when they discovered their accounts were being charged again and again? We are, after all talking about Donald Trump. What do people expect from a liar, cheat and thief?

Mike Huckabee made a hateful tweet about identifying as Asian so the corporations would love him. That’s setting the bar a bit high, isn’t it? He should try identifying as a human being and go from there. Even that’s a stretch.

There’s a litter pick up crew on Fish Hatchery Road on Saturday picking up litter. By Sunday people threw litter out in the area. People get real! If you had to pick it up you wouldn’t throw it out.

Congratulations to Dawn Staley and the Gamecock chicks making it to the Final Four. They do it better than the men’s basketball.

Since 1975 more Americans have died from gun deaths from murders, suicides and accidents than all our Wars combined. And you Republicans want open carry? Ponder this. What would Jesus tote?

Henry, you and our Republican legislature do not want Medicaid expansion in South Carolina. Why? It’ll help our people and return our tax money. Please, please dear God help out hundreds of thousands of working South Carolinians.

We need justice for George Floyd. It doesn’t matter if the officer thought George Floyd was a large person possibly on drugs who needed to be restrained. The officer was never hired to be judge, jury and executioner of George Floyd or anyone else.

Big Boy Bloviator, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, says he won’t resign from Congress any time soon in spite of grave allegations against him. Oh good. That’s what all the rotten apples say just before they quit and go away forever.

The answer is not more guns. It’s fewer guns.

Even if anyone had had a firearm it would likely not made any difference. The shooter was already firing his weapon. You can count on one hand when an armed person has made a difference in a mass shooting incident.

Perhaps Senator G needs to arm himself because at least one of his many faces has probably pissed off a lot of people.

Columbia has a location on Shop Road at Animal Services that will sell you compost dirt cheap. Pun intended. Richland County has a facility on Monticello Road that accepts materials from cooking oil to mattresses to recycle. And you may get as much mulch as you want for free. Thumbs up to both government services and their staff.

Folks, a lot of you could get free tax preparation. VITA and TCE are programs run through United Way and AARP. Please call to see if you qualify. Great service. Rave to both of those organizations.

Isn’t today’s gun violence really all about life imitating art in the depiction of gun violence on television, in the movies and on video games? It’s all sponsored by corporations whose commercials prompt people to buy their goods and services while denying the violent programming they sponsor causes people to act violently themselves.

In response to Senator Graham’s comment about needing his AR-15 to defend himself from gangs after a natural disaster: “Bless his heart!” Apparently our senator has no faith in the same individuals, communities, and civic organizations that have come together time and time again for hurricanes, historic floods, pandemics, and just plain bad times. He has no faith in our law enforcement and community leaders that helped keep S. Carolina from experiencing the same level of violence that plagued other states last summer.