Stocks picks with Anil Singhvi: Dr Reddy's, Alkem Laboratories, Torrent Pharma, Ajanta Pharma, Aarti Drugs are top recommendations today

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In conversation with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi, market analyst Siddharth Sedani on Tuesday recommended stocks centred on the ‘healing health’ theme. Considering that Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone focus more and more on their and their families’ health, this theme should be of real interest to investors. Saying that this sector is in focus and has huge potential,  Sedani recommended 5 shares from it.  

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He said this theme is attached to pharma. “India is the pharmacy of the world in generic drugs. Currently, 50% vaccine demand is met by India. It is also leading exporter after IT sector. This is anticipated that $55 billion Indian pharmaceutical market will become $100 billion market by 2025,” said Sedani before revealing his stock picks. 

Below are Siddharth Sedani’s top stock recommendations today: 

1 Dr Reddy’s Laboratories:  His first pick from this segment was Dr. Reddy’s shares. He gave a target of Rs 6012 in one year, a return of 18 per cent. He said of the 5 shares, one should give it an allocation of 30%. Sputnik drug approval could be one of the biggest triggers for this company.

2: Alkem Laboratories Ltd: This share was second in Sedani’s list. He said one should allocate it 20 per cent of the 5 shares’ allocation to it. He gave a target of Rs 3171 and said the stock will generate returns of 15 per cent in 12 months. It is in the formulation business and the biggest product profile of the company are medicines related to infections, he said.

3 Torrent Pharma: The market analyst recommended Torrent Pharma shares as his third pick.  He also allocated 20 per cent of the total portfolio of 5 shares. Target for Torrent Pharma was Rs 3195 in one year. Sedani said Torrent Pharma shares have the potential to give 24 per cent returns to its investors in the said period. This company is doing extremely well in formulations and R&D. It makes cardio and women healthcare related medicines, said Sedani strongly vouching for this company.  

4 Ajanta Pharma: Sedani’s 4 the pick was Ajanta Pharma. He said it is one of the leaders in generic medicine segment. Target for Ajanta Pharma in one year would be Rs 2152 and this share can give return up to 27 per cent in 12 months. Again, allocation for Ajanta Pharma would be 20 per cent of the said portfolio. This company can grow 2 to 3 percentage more than the industry it is a part of, he said.  

5 Aarti Drugs: Sedani said one should give 10 per cent of the total allocation to this share. “Target for this share is Rs 848 and expected return in 1 year is 22 per cent,” Sedani said.