Former US Marine Turned Crypto Millionaire Seth Maniscalco Selected For Cover of Veteran Owned SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, April 17, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Crypto Wealth Coach Seth Maniscalco has been selected for the cover of SHIFT Advanced Life Design Magazine.

Seth Maniscalco, now a leading crypto investor and Blockchain expert started off as a navigational aid technician as an enlisted US Marine.

He became interested in investing early in his military days and when cryptocurrency gained traction, he became a top investor and analyst. Earning a Master’s in Blockchain Technology, Seth started a private investment group and has created 60+ crypto millionaires.

He has been selected for the cover of veteran owned digital magazine SHIFT Advanced Life Design for his recognition as a top performer in the world of cryptocurrency.

Crypto has been hailed as an evolved financial product, but it still remains new territory for many. Seth provides coaching for people that are interested in exploring investment opportunities with crypto currency.

According to, Bitcoin accounts for 6 billion dollars in transactions daily. Globally cryptocurrency users exceed 40 million people. As of 2020, the crypto market cap is over 265 billion dollars.

To find out more about cryptocurrency investment, reach out to Seth Maniscalco at or connect with him on LinkedIn or Facebook.

You can read the most recent interview with Seth at SHIFT – Advanced Life Design Magazine.

Seth Maniscalco is a leading crypto analyst that teaches investment strategies and crypto portfolio building. He possesses a Master’s degree in Blockchain Technology and manages a private investor membership site.

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