Local View: Oh yes, I left a message at Trump's new website

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I feared so many people would be doing likewise, the site would crash. But lo and behold, it appeared on my laptop screen immediately, featuring a photograph of Trump and Melania on a dance floor emblazoned with a huge presidential seal.

On the site’s main page, visitors find another photo of Trump aboard a naval vessel, saluting servicemen. Below the photo is a longish essay, titled, “The 45th President of the United States,” which describes Trump’s reign as the “most extraordinary political movement in history.”

At the bottom of the page is a shorter essay, titled, “Melania Trump,” which gives a brief bio of the former first lady, an explanation of her “Be Best” campaign intended to promote the welfare of children, and a photo of a smiling Melania greeting children wearing “Be Best” T-shirts.

At 869 words, which is greater than the average length of a newspaper column, the first essay makes a number of claims about the former president’s accomplishments, introduced by this sentence: “Through his pro-American policies on trade, taxes, energy, regulation, immigration, and healthcare, President Trump ushered in a period of unprecedented economic growth, job creation, soaring wages, and booming incomes.”

There is nothing in the essay, however, about the two impeachments, his loss in the 2020 election, the extent of his responsibility for the riot at the U.S. Capitol, or any other perceived failures, since the text was likely written by a P.R. person or a speechwriter essentially in campaign (propaganda) mode.

Which prompted me to click the “Contact” button in hopes of reaching the ex-president directly with my request, written out of concern for the future of the country and partially out of concern for him.

Almost immediately after clicking on “Submit,” I received the following email from “The Office of Donald J. Trump”:

“Thank you for writing to President Donald J. Trump. We are carefully reviewing your message.

“President Trump believes the strength of our country lies in the spirit of the American people and their willingness to stay informed and get involved.

“He appreciates your taking the time to share your thoughts and sends his best wishes to you and your family.”

Here is what that email was responding to:

“Dear Mr. Trump,

“The best I can offer you is my assumption that you are not fully cognizant of the harm you caused this country and its people.

“The grievance list is long:

“-The current rash of ugly, injurious, and fatal assaults of Asian Americans, for which you are personally to blame with your repeated cracks about the Kung Fu Virus, or the China Virus.

“-The injuries and deaths of Capitol police officers from the January 6th riot you helped precipitate in an effort to overturn an American presidential election on the basis of your claims, all of which were proven false in multiple courts.

“- The untold number of deaths from both insufficient and perverse federal responses to the Covid pandemic, chiefly the result of your withholding from Americans, privileged information about the virus which you had as president, so as not to jeopardize your re-election chances.

“Of course, there are more. But if you were actually aware of the truth, you’d be in hiding, rather than exposing yourself with this shameless website.

“Your embrace of an alternative reality ought to concern your friends and family, who we hope can secure for you some help.

“It’s a concern, also, with respect to citizens who remain loyal to you, and who are inevitably headed for traumatic disenchantment and despondency.

“And most of all, it’s a concern for the nation, which has had its fill of your wreckage, and whose fabric as a democratic republic, egregiously stressed, ought not be put at further risk.

“Please find a way for a face saving fadeaway, if you truly love this country and are still capable of consequential thought.



If enough people make use of the site’s “Contact” opportunity to convey their honest thoughts to Donald Trump, perhaps it will finally sink in.

David McGrath is a former Hayward resident, an emeritus English professor at the College of DuPage in Illinois, the author of “South Siders,” and a frequent contributor to the News Tribune Opinion page. He can be reached at profmcgrath2004@yahoo.com.