Trump was no patriot

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Recently, I read one of the finest pieces of journalism ever written, in The Herald by its staff. The article about closing the mystery of the Everett Community College fire, that killed firefighter Gary Parks. The next day, I read a comic for the first time in years. It was a letter to the editor.

In it, the writers states that Donald Trump was a patriotic symbol. He goes on to praise Trump for standing up to China thug regime without ethics or moral persuasion for guidance.

Trump, the man who among the thousands of lies, had us believe covid was a hoax; it will disappear; no masks; drink bleach. Result, unnecessary deaths and injury. Trump, the man who incited an insurrection against this nation, more death and injuries, as well as a near destruction to democracy. Trump, a draft dodger, who berates his military leaders, and Gold Star families.

Trump, the man who, as a racist white supremist, is responsible for escalating the racial injustice we are dealing with. Trump, the man who boasted about being smart because he does not pay taxes. Trump, who made a fortune as a president, while watching the economy sink. Trump, the abuser of women; sex for hire; best friends of Putin, Kim Jong Un, Saudi Prince MBS (the murderer of Khashoggi). Trump, who ran his office like a mobster, and answered to no one. Impeached not once, but a record twice.

If Trump is a patriot, with ethics and moral persuasion, we are one done-cooked turkey. Otherwise, I can skip my core exercises today. I chose the latter.

Rob Dietz


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