Mid-Cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: IEX, Orient Refractories and Fermenta Biotech shares are top recommendations today

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In conversation with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi on ‘Special Midcap Stock Picks’ show, Market expert Ashish Kukreja recommended three stocks that investors could buy for good returns. He picked these shares from long-term, positional and short-term views. Let’s look at his picks and understand why he recommended these shares.  

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Long-term Pick: Kukreja’s long-term pick is IEX. Market analyst said he has been recommending such stocks from lower levels. “It is a very good share in its segment and is a candidate for re-rating. It also keeps launching new products and this segment is destined to do better in the coming time. One can buy this share with a target of Rs 500 in one year,” said the market expert.

Positional or Mid-cap Pick:  Ashish Kukreja recommended this share related to metal segment. Picking Orient Refractories, he said he does not remember when a metal segment showed a decline and this company is direct beneficiary. Orient Refractories shares do currently have a very limited downside. “This one is even relevant for long-term, but it could be bought with positional perspective. It’s a good-buy-and-hold kind of story. Target of Orient Refractories shares will be Rs 500 in 6 to 12 months,” said Kukreja.

Short-term Pick: His short-term pick came from Pharma sector. Saying this sector has the potential to show more strength from here, Kukreja picked Fermenta Biotech. He said this company makes Vitamin-D tablets and given about 70 to 80 percent population suffers with this deficiency, this share holds good potential for investors. “It will also benefit from the vitamin and supplements demands during the pandemic. Demand of these tablets could increase in future and it appears it will be difficult to meet this new demand. Target for this scrip would be Rs 400 in the short-term,” he added.