Biden's First 100 Days: What Poll Numbers Show Amid Pandemic, Reopening Economy, Racial Tensions

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President Joe Biden is nearing his 100th day in office, a key milestone in a president’s first term. An NBC News poll released Sunday showed that 53% of American adults approved of his job performance, with 29% strongly approving and 24% somewhat approving.

The poll comes amid a vaccine rollout, a recent stimulus package, new infrastructure plans and with the country divided on race issues.  

In comparison, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from April 2017 of President Donald Trump’s first 100 days showed he had poor or middling marks from nearly two-thirds of American adults.

Biden’s positive poll numbers could quickly fade, which has been the case with many previous presidents.

“What we don’t know is if this is part of a 100-day honeymoon or something more durable and lasting for the Biden-Harris administration,” said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who conducted the NBC News survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

Among registered voters, Biden showed a 51% approval rating and a 43% disapproval rating.

Biden seems to have hit the mark with his COVID-19 relief package, which was signed in March. He also appears to do favorably on economic issues. 

“I think I just like how he’s handling the Covid crisis more than Trump did,” said one Democratic poll respondent from Iowa.

Critics have pointed out that Biden has “opened the floodgates” to illegal immigration, as well as negative opinions about foreign policy and gun control.

But there are also Americans who are pleased with Biden’s low profile, which is in sharp contrast to Trump.

“I don’t have to think about what Joe Biden is doing every day,” said a North Carolina man who voted for Biden. “The best thing about Joe Biden is I don’t have to think about Joe Biden.”

US President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the second day fo a virtual climate summit at the White House Photo: AFP / JIM WATSON