Role of youth in nation building

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Youngsters must work towards creating harmony and peace for the betterment of society, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

There is a general feeling today that in the present social set-up, the youth are deprived of the opportunities of growth and development and also participation in the affairs of the family, state and society. Therefore, it is thought that the youth are disappointed, disillusioned and restless, which is one of the reasons why they indulge in violent and destructive activities. One thing which is universally recognised in regard to the youth is that they, in general, have energy, stamina, strong will and zest for life. But certain other valuable characteristics of youth, which can be great tools for social transformation are not fully realised or utilised by society. As a result of which they get confused and disturbed. One such important personality trait of the youth is that they strongly aspire to do something new. They want change, not status-quo. They are not tied down to the past and, instead, have openness to accept new things. Hence, it is easier for them to adapt to any kind of change in comparison to the older generation because they have the wish to learn new things, and they are prepared to make all efforts and sacrifice to effect a social change.

Speaking of youth of the world in general, it could be said that up till now, they have been totally or mainly depended on what the old people decided for them. It is the adults who have been formulating the plans, deciding the policies and setting the goals for the future of the youth and all others, and the youth have been merely implementing them or been making efforts to fulfill those goals. Hence, they were nowhere involved in the process of deciding their future. They had very little say in setting even the goals for themselves, for it was thought that the youth were yet immature and inexperienced and, therefore, could not decide for themselves so as to realise their own vision. But now the situation has changed because the knowledge and the practices, which are being revealed, are totally new. So new beginnings have to be made. What is old has to be shed off because, otherwise, it will not allow a totally new set up to take place. Hence, a new world or a society is to be built up with no sign left behind of the old world, which has the stink of castism, the slush of communalism, the muck of racism, the darkness of materialism, the false pride of wavering wealth or empty scholasticism, the crookedness of mind, utter selfishness in behaviour, the hypocrisy in manners and the fits of violence in thoughts, speech or actions and many kinds of syndromes that signify moral turpitude and spiritual bankruptcy.

Perhaps, the aged would find it more difficult because, in the first instance, what they have learnt at great costs and pains to themselves will appear valuable to them even though, in reality, it is merely a burden on their minds and so they will love to retain it rather than throw away the whole lot of it. In these shackles of gold, they will see gold, artificial though it be, and not shackles, and, if they agree to free themselves from these chains, they will have to exert themselves a lot to break these off them. They may find that they lack the strength and the persistence. However, there may be many old men and women who have young minds who can do all this. So, it would be the responsibility of all but of the youth in particular to liberate the planet of its slavery to the negativities of many kinds as they have comparatively fresh mind and less mental fatigue and less conditioning.

Presently, it is thought that the youth indulge in acts of indiscipline, violence, destruction of property and disobedience to their parents and teachers and are taking drugs. This common image of them, which belongs to the old world order, will now have to be totally erased by bringing up the new image. They are very energetic, self-controlled, disciplined, physically well-built, constructive and peaceful, and men and women of strong character, who do not swerve from their path of righteousness due to either allurements of money or to threats by those who are in power and who, instead, march steadfastly towards their noble goal of service in all humility.

The responsibility of youth is now to have the awareness that the nation has high hopes in them and they are not to belie those hopes. These youngsters have far too long been used in warfare, as brute force or for demonstrations, strikes and such other acts of disharmony by various vested interests. But now they should not allow themselves to be used for acts of violence, rifts and hatred. Rather, they must work towards creating harmony and peace for the betterment of society.