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For whom does the bell toll? It tolls for Democrats if President Joe Biden does not soon find a way to eliminate the U.S. Senate filibuster rule (which requires 60, not 51, votes to pass most legislation). Then, Congress needs to overrule state voter suppression laws metastasizing throughout the nation, and pass his party’s progressive legislative agenda.

Also, “packing” the U.S. Supreme Court by adding four presumably liberal justices while Democrats control the Senate is critical to eliminating the unfair advantage Republicans gained when former Senate Majority Mitch McConnell cynically outsmarted President Barack Obama, waiting until after Donald Trump became president to replace the late Anton Scalia, then, in 2020, quickly replacing Justice Ruth Ginsburg with a more conservative justice while Trump’s was still president.

Biden can no longer play bipartisan nice-nice with his political opponents.

He also must read the riot act to Sen. Joe Manchin, the conservative West Virginia Democrat worried about his reelection chances in a state where many believe Trump is their savior. Manchin needs to take one for the team and his state that wallows at the low end of the economic food chain. The senator must convince constituents that progressive legislation proposed by union-friendly Democrats and funding green industry are the best medicine to replace coal mines. Other Democratic senators reluctant to pass a progressive agenda must also be convinced to join the team.

The alternative is an all-but-assured Democratic loss of congressional majorities in 2022, creating a totally impotent Biden for the following two years, with the veto as the sole power to thwart a tsunami of anti-progressive Republican bills. Next, the Democrats would lose all momentum in their quest to prevent a “Trumpocracy” lasting decades.

Trump or a Trump clone winning the presidency in 2024 could portend the end of the American Dream for most working-class citizens, an increase in poverty, and civil rights and liberties being clawed back.

The bell is set to ring. Will Biden see the light before dark days set in?

Lawrence Uniglicht, Galloway

Dems show contempt to manual laborers

Industry has left the northeastern United States, and the Democrats don’t care. More than that, they have contempt for the manual worker. Just look at how the Democrats handle the border. They are happy to hand all physical labor over to foreigners.

Donald Trump failed completely to drain the swamp. The federal bureaucracy was never put under control by Trump — and they are not done with him yet.

In New Jersey the unemployment rate is 7.5%. The Democrats don’t care about putting people to work anymore. They just want to dish out government money. Governors ruined the economy with COVID-19 restrictions, then act like they’re saving the workers by mailing them checks.

The Democrats betrayed the middle class except for the bureaucracy, which they need to impose their political orthodoxy upon a worker. They pay their bureaucrats well to supervise the workers.

Even the U.S. Justice Department will be used to impose the Democrats’ political orthodoxy. What is especially troubling is prosecutors going after police. They’ll let violent criminals out of jail, but they want to put police in prison.

The socialists want to tear down our kingdom. And, with a compliant media, no one will know about it.

Lee Lucas, Gibbstown

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