Larry Kudlow blasts Joe Biden’s $6 trillion proposed budget plan for generating ‘pathetic’ economic growth

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Kudlow” host Larry Kudlow slammed President Biden’s $6 trillion spending plan telling “America Reports” Monday “it isn’t worth it” after the growth rate for the entire 10-year period was revealed to be less than 2%.

KUDLOW: Besides all of the tax stuff, they’re going through this rigmarole to transform the whole economy. The Green New Deal, higher taxes, massive spending, social safety net, critical race theory. Whatever is they are doing. When you look at their numbers for this budget that came out late on Friday. You know what their growth rate is for the whole 10-year period? Less than 2%. So after all of this stuff, transformation, everything they want to do, no growth. It isn’t worth it. 

It’s pathetic. People will not get higher wages. People will not get more jobs. People will not get more family income. People will not get new skills. People will not get anything if you have 2% or less growth. The whole point of the Trump tax and deregulation and energy program was to boost that. We had 3% growth before the pandemic. We actually had it come on a fourquarter basis, 4% growth before the Fed turned the screws on it. If that’s all you get, why do it? Why go through all of this rigmarole? You’re upsetting the culture, the economy, the energy, and social safety net, for what exactly?