Wealth Management Firm Align Wealth Advisors Takes Children's Financial Literacy to a New Level with Innovative Kids FUNance Platform

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LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KidsFUNance.com is a new online tool offered by Laguna Hills wealth management firm, Align Wealth Advisors, to increase children’s financial literacy. Segmented by age, the KidsFUNance.com interactive web experience includes videos, games, quizzes, exercises, and apps for earning, saving, and investing.

KidsFUNance.com is a new online tool offered by Align Wealth Advisors to increase children’s financial literacy. Debt statistics for young Americans are worrying, to say the least, and financial literacy education in schools is practically non-existent. KidsFUNance.com aims to bridge that gap in a fun, interactive way, providing kids with a knowledge base they can use their entire lives.

“This is something our children need their whole lives.”

KidsFUNance.com is one of the only Advisor-built sites where children have access to a wide range of tools in one location that will build their knowledge and financial confidence. There is a membership area where your child is able to apply more practical techniques to their financial understanding such as running their own virtual business and interacting with peers.

Karie Evans, Director of Business Development and creator of the program, explains, “I have two young children; this subject is near and dear to my heart. I speak with other parents all the time about the lack of proper resources when it comes to financial literacy for children. High schools may offer a few worksheets on the subject, but studies show many children’s saving and spending habits are formed as early as age 7. This is something our children need their whole lives.”

Bottom Line

Children are entering adulthood without the tools necessary to excel in the financial arena. The average debt of American Millennials is $87,000, mostly student loan debt, according to Debt.org.

When it comes to credit cards, young Americans owe an average of $5,800 in credit card debt. And around 30% owe more in credit card debt than they have in emergency savings, per a Spendmenot.org survey.

“As wealth management leaders, we are coming from an endpoint of having an established, well-thought-out lifestyle plan where your money serves your core values throughout your whole life. This starts at the very beginning with educating our children to understand the benefits of a sound knowledge-base of saving, investing, credit, loans, and more,” says Nicholas Yrizarry, President and CEO.

About Align Wealth Advisors

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KidsFUNance.com encourages the Power of Charity! Giving to others is an important part of the financial education curriculum at KidsFUNance.com. Building a responsible pattern of earning, saving, and giving reinforces sustainable financial literacy in our students.

Join a PAG! By joining one of our Peer Accountability Groups, our students are able to work together to achieve their saving and earning goals. They compete for prizes and learn that two heads are sometimes better than one when it comes to money.

Our Road 2 Tomorrow College Planning program is a great start for teenagers planning to attend college. We guide you through the entire process from choosing the right school for your child, various school financial aid programs, college savings accounts, and in the end, hopefully, your child will not have to take out any school loans.


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